How to Remove

How to stop redirects

What Is is a fake search engine that may appear as your start page, homepage and default search one day and refuse to be removed. This happens because a browser hijacking program took control of these settings. Premiumsearchweb hijacker can be installed on your computer as a separate application or as a browser extension. You can follow instructions in this article to get rid of browser hijacker.

How Did End up on My PC?

Likely you installed some freeware recently. The thing you need to know about free programs is that most of them will try to install several potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) on your PC. To prevent that, read fine print during the installation, select Custom or Advanced installation instead of Express or Recommended one, remove marks from checkboxes responsible for installing extra software, click Skip or Decline instead of Next or Agree, when possible. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to stop redirects

What Is Trovi?

Trovi is a browser hijacker that sets your start page and default search engine to and renews these settings if you alter them. That is done to direct Internet traffic to the site and increase its advertising revenue. is not an actual search engine and just redirects you to when you enter queries. That would not be so bad if not for the fact that Trovi doesn’t allow you to change start page and default search to anything else. This page contains instructions on how to remove Trovi hijacker from your PC and get back your default browser settings. READ MORE

How to Remove Ronzap Ads

What Is Ronzap?

If you see “Ads by Ronzap” while browsing the web, your computer is infected with an adware program. The ads might take various forms: pop-ups, banners, interstitial, random text turned into links and so on. Ads by Ronzap may encourage you to download software or visit certain online-shops; don’t do either if you don’t want to bring more infections to your PC or have your personal or financial information stolen. The removal guide below will help you to uninstall Ronzap from your PC and stop the ads. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to stop redirects

What Is

If start page, homepage and default search of your browsers got turned to without your permission, a browser hijacker is at fault. Browser hijackers are programs or browser extensions that change browser settings (homepage, search engine, etc.) to a specific site and prevent users from changing them back. site displays Bing logo on its main page and redirects users who enter search queries to results on, so that quite a number of users might not realize they don’t actually have a known and safe site as their default search and start page, so they don’t hurry too much to change them. You can follow instructions on this page to remove hijacker from your PC. READ MORE

How to Remove New Tab

How to stop pop-ups

What Is Is It a Virus?

If a new tab to opens when you launch a browser or pops up every now and then when you browse the web, this is the work of a potentially unwanted program installed on your computer. It may be a program or a browser extension that was installed stealthily last time you got freeware from a download site. It may even be free software that you installed yourself a while ago: the developer sold the rights to some company that added undesirable functionality to the program. The removal guide below will help you to figure out which program causes the problem and to get rid of pop-ups. READ MORE

How to Remove Secure Finder (

How to stop redirects

What Is

UPDATED: This article talks about site. If you are looking for instructions to remove Secure Search bar from your browsers, you’ll need another one.

Secure Finder is a browser hijacker; it can change new tab page, homepage and default search engine of a browser to and repeat the change after you try to alter these settings. When you try to search using, first you are redirected to, then to, and finally you get search results on If this happens on your browser and you want to uninstall Secure Finder from your PC, please follow this step-by-step guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Switch2search (

How to stop redirects

What Is Switch2search?

Switch2search hijacker may set homepage, new tab page and search engine of the affected browser to When users try to change these settings, Swich2search just alters them to again. If you want to get rid of Switch2search and restore your preferred search, homepage and new tab page, this removal guide will help you.

How Did Hijacker End up on My PC? redirects are caused by one of the programs or extensions on your computer. It could be Switch2search extension, or it could be something else. In any case, this program – hijacker – probably got installed on your PC together with software you downloaded off the Internet for free. Freeware sites often add extra apps into their software installers; if users don’t opt out, they end up installing the extra software too. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to stop redirects

What Is browser hijacker makes start page, homepage and default search of a browser lead to website. The site looks vaguely similar to and embeds Google Custom Search to generate search results. hijacker might also display ads on other sites that you visit. Your browser may become slow and prone to crashes. If you wish to remove hijacker from your PC, you can follow instructions on this page.

Is a Virus? hijacker is not really a virus, rather it is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Not to say potentially unwanted programs are harmless though. These applications generate ads and pop-ups, redirect users to specific pages, make fake error messages appear with a suggestion to buy a full version of the app and so on. Like other PUPs, hijacker may get on a PC together with free software downloaded from the Internet. When you install that free software, you might see a few extra apps that are going to get installed if you don’t refuse. Considering that many users don’t pay much attention during the installation process, it is no wonder they end up installing that extra software. READ MORE

How to Remove Caster (Wizzcaster.exe)

What Is Caster?

Caster (Wizzcaster) is an adware program that can stealthily get onto your computer and make various advertisements appear on web-pages you visit. Ads by Caster can take the form of banners, sidebars, pop-ups, random text turned into links and so on. The ads might lead you to untrustworthy sites or download malware on your PC, so we won’t recommend you to click on them however alluring these ads might be. The removal guide below will help you to uninstall Caster from your computer.

How Did Caster End up on My PC?

Most likely this occurred when you installed an application from a free download site. Many of these sites add potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) like Caster into their software installers. When a computer user installs that software, PUPs are offered to him as “recommended” products. If the user is not well-versed in the area of freeware installation, they often don’t opt out and thus get PUPs installed on their computer. READ MORE

How to Remove MPC Cleaner and Homepage

How to stop ads by MPC Cleaner

What Is MPC Cleaner? Is It Safe?

MPC Cleaner (or More Powerfull Cleaner) by DotCash Limited is a system optimizer that may have installed on your computer without your participation. MPC Cleaner is supposed to clear your PC of junk and make it run faster. In practice, the computer will become even slower; also, to save system resources, MPC Cleaner may close some applications you work at and cause you to lose important data. This program generates various advertisements in browser windows when you surf the web, while MPC Safe Navigation extension may set your homepage and default search to You can use this removal guide to get rid of MPC Cleaner and its components. READ MORE

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