How to disable browser notifications

How to disable browser notifications

What are browser notifications

Notifications are pop-ups on screen of any device, be it a smartphone or a computer. As a rule, notifications inform about important events and updates and inform users about updates to sites or applications. There are the main objectives of Notifications:

  1. Developments
  2. Reminders
  3. Congratulations
  4. Sales
  5. News
  6. Trigger Notifications.

Nevertheless, someone believes that notification is a good and convenient tool, and someone thinks that this is useless and annoying invention. But it is worth noting that notifications can also be available for your device.
Firstly, too frequent sending notifications annoying visitors, it is fact.
Secondly, there are direct links that can not be cleared from screen of a smartphone or computer. And most importantly, notifications can contain viruses that can enter your device as soon as you click on a notification. READ MORE

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