How to Remove Locky Ransomware

Locky ransomware

What Is Locky Ransomware?

Locky is ransomware not different from many others: it encrypts user’s files and demands payment for a decryption tool. Files stored in cloud services and shared files on local networks are also encrypted, so the only sure way to get back the files is to restore from offline backups. Even paying the ransom is not a reliable method: some users reported that the decryption tool wasn’t able to decrypt all of the files. However, some methods, like restoring the files from shadow copies, might work in some cases. If you were hit and want to find out how to remove Locky and decrypt your files, you can read this article. READ MORE

How to Fix Start Menu Error in Windows 10

Windows 10 Start Menu error message

What Is Start Menu Error?

Start Menu error made itself known back in Windows 10 Technical Preview and continues to haunt Windows 10 users months after Win 10 release. If you get “Critical Error – Your Start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in” or “Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in” error messages in Windows 10, read this article to find out possible ways to fix Start Menu error. READ MORE

How to Remove Security Defender

Security Defender

What Is Security Defender?

Security Defender (or Defender Pro 2015) is a fake antivirus that imitates Microsoft’s own antivirus utilities, Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender. Once it gets inside a computer, Security Defender starts to show a lot of alerts about suspicious behavior, “finds” dangerous viruses during scans and prompts the user to buy Defender Pro 2015 to get rid of found threats. In reality, Security Defender is the threat here, and you shouldn’t believe its claims. The sooner you uninstall Security Defender, the better. READ MORE

How to Remove Pass and Play Ads

Pass and Play

What Is Pass and Play?

Pass and Play is an adware program that supposedly helps you to find better deals on the Internet. What this really means is that Pass and Play adds banners and ads to the web-pages you visit. It is usually installed with free apps from the Internet: when users download freeware or shareware, they often rush through the installation and don’t notice that more programs are installed together with the chosen one. If you wish to get rid of Pass and Play, read the tutorial below. READ MORE

How to Remove


What Is is a browser hijacker that changes your browsers’ default search engine and new tab page to Any searches you do on that website show you the results from can affect all popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. You might get in your browsers if you are not careful when downloading free apps or add-ons from the Internet. Read further if you want to remove from your computer. READ MORE

How to Remove GoGameGo


What Is GoGameGo?

GoGameGo toolbar is supposed to deliver Adobe Flash games to you. It does much more then that. Once installed, GoGameGo hijacks your browser to show you advertisements, redirect you to commercial videos, change your default search engine and sometimes even disable adblockers and other browser add-ons. GoGameGo toolbar is distributed by the way of bundling: being added to the package with free programs you can download from the Internet. Users who don’t pay attention installing freeware often end up with more programs installed then they meant to. To get rid of GoGameGo, follow this removal guide. READ MORE

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