How to remove RadioSearches browser hijacker

remove radiosearches

What is RadioSearches browser hijacker?

RadioSearches is a malicious application that has the characteristic features of a browser hijacker. It infiltrates the system in a stealthy manner and modifies browser settings in order to promote This is a fake search engine that will redirect users to infectious pages without their consent. Redirects help scammers get profit from views. Developers also profit from advertising. The more clicks, the greater the benefit, however, a large amount of advertising negatively affects the system’s performance. Virus is called a hijacker because it monitors user habits and collects their data which then monetizes. READ MORE

How to remove GiveMeTheKey ransomware

remove givemethekey ransomware

What Is GiveMeTheKey ransomware?

GiveMeTheKey ransomware is ransomware for all types of browsers. Infection tactics include file hijacking. Files attacked by virus become unavailable for use. These files cannot even be opened.
The difference between this ransomware and many others is that GiveMeTheKey ransomware does not mark locked files with. Locked files do not have a distinctive extension READ MORE

How to remove ads

What is

According to its infection characteristics, program belongs to adware applications. Once infiltrated, virus delivers questionable ads to force you to click on the ad. benefits from your clicks, however, clicks negatively affect the performance of the system. READ MORE

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