How to remove Sspq ransomware

decrypt sspq files

What is SSPQ ransomware

SSPQ is a malicious program that encrypts frequently used files found on the victim’s computer. SSPQ virus finds important files, usually photos, videos, working documents, archives, and starts an infection algorithm to make files inaccessible. Such files receive the extension .sspq . Then, virus displays a message prompting you to decrypt the data if the payment is made in bitcoins _readme.txt : READ MORE

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How to remove Rookie Crypt ransomware

remove rookie crypt ransomware

What is Rookie Crypt ransomware

Rookie Crypt is ransomware. Ransomware is viruses that sneak into the system in order to infect the device and lock files. Victims will not be able to use these files, so virus takes advantage of this situation and extorts money for decryption. The encryption process adds a unique identifier extension to the affected files, something like .943-A61-433 . After the encryption process is complete, Rookie Crypt virus displays a ransom note, which is placed in the folders with encrypted files. When the user opens such folders, a note from developers opens: READ MORE

How to remove Exx ransomware

remove exx

What is Exx ransomware

Exx is another computer pest designed to deceive money. First, Exx virus sneaks into the system, usually through some free application. Then, Exx virus finds files important for users (photos, videos, archives, working documents) and encrypts them using a special RSA-2048 cryptographic algorithm and adds extension .exx . When the encryption process is over, Exx ransomware creates a file HELP_RESTORE_FILES.txt , which displays a message when opening locked files READ MORE

How to remove Epsilon Red ransomware and decrypt .epsilonred files

epsilon red ransomware

What is Epsilon Red ransomware

Epsilon Red is a ransomware that encrypts files found on the device using the AES+RSA infection algorithm. This virus encrypts all files found inside folders, including other executable files and DLLs, which can render programs or even the entire system unusable. Locked files have the extension .epsilonred . After the end of the encryption process, virus creates a file ransom_note.txt , which contains a note: READ MORE

How to remove Xdqd ransomware and decrypt .[].xdqd files

What is Xdqd ransomware

Xdqd is a ransomware type of malware that restricts access to important files (documents, images, videos), in general, which users use most often. This virus adds the extension . [] .xdqd to every blocked file. Then it tries to extort money from victims by asking for a ransom in exchange for access to the data. This information is delivered via a note from Xdqd virus workers readme-warning.txt : READ MORE

How to write a CV in Germany

write cv in-germany.jpg

In Germany, unlike many other countries, people cannot invite to an interview without a resume, because it plays a significant role in hiring, so people who are looking for a job in Germany pay great attention to the design and content of the resume. And employers also have strict requirements for the document. To write your resume correctly, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following rules. READ MORE

How to write a Teacher Resume

how to write teacher resume

In this article, you will find tips on how to write a resume if you are looking for a teaching profession. A prerequisite for obtaining the position of a teacher is having a teacher education or teaching experience, so it is important to create a resume that will show the employer all the important information about you. READ MORE

How to write a CV for a job with no experience

how to write a cv for a job with no experience
What should you do, when you don`t have work experience but the employer requires a resume?

Preparing a resume for finding a job is a must. However, people who are looking for their first job and have no work experience think that in this case there is nothing to write, but this is not so. Many employers are looking for new employees who are ready to train and educate them. Your task is to make sure that you are noticed and invited to work. READ MORE

How to make CV (Curriculum Vitae)

how to make curriculum vitae

What is a CV and what about its types

CV is a document containing information about skills, work experience, education and other achievements. The Latin term “Curriculum Vitae” is translated as the road of life, biography, short autobiography. In sum, CV is a description of person’s abilities that make him or her competitive in the job market. CV can be specific, namely, if you are looking for a specific position (teacher, salesman, cook), or general, which does not focus on specific area. The difference between these two types of CV is that when writing the first type, it is necessary to write about experience and skills that are related to the profession you are interested in, skills, experience and places of work in other areas, you can not use in the CV. And when writing a second type CV, you need to write everything, your entire career and educational path. READ MORE

How to remove 13689471244739847236 from Mac

remove 13689471244739847236 from mac

What Is 13689471244739847236?

This is a fraudulent site through which the scammers want to gain access to the Safari controls as well as to perform actions in this application. This virus, most likely, entered your Mac by attaching to some free application. This is an adware application that causes the browser to overflow with ads, banners, pop-ups and many other unnecessary things in order to flood the system and make it slow. When a request is made, 13689471244739847236 redirects the user to a site promoted by fraudsters to generate more income. Thus, the activity of this adware slows down your Mac. That is why you need to remove Mac virus. READ MORE

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