How to remove Lok ransomware and decrypt .lok files

=&0=& and possibly get the decryptor from them. This is not reliable: they might not send you the decryptor at all, or it might be poorly done and fail to decrypt your files. =&1=& that would allow you to decrypt files without paying. This turn of events is possible but not very probable: out of thousands of known ransomware variants, only dozens were found to be decryptable for free. You can visit NoMoreRansom site from time to time to see if free decryptor for GandCrab exists. =&2=&. For example, antivirus vendor =&3=& offers its own decryption services. They are free for users of Dr.Web Security Space and some other Dr. Web’s products if Dr. Web have been installed and running at the time of encryption (more detail). For users of other antiviruses the decryption, if it’s deemed possible, will cost €150. According to Dr. Web’s statistics, the probability of them being able to restore files is roughly 10%.

Other ways to recover encrypted files: READ MORE

How to remove Fantasy-Sports browser hijacker

remove Fantasy-Sports

What is Fantasy-Sports

Fantasy-Sports is a program from the browser hijacker category. Fantasy-Sports is of this type because it changes system settings to easily promote the fake search engine When user wants to make some request to the search engine, this virus will transfer the victims to READ MORE

How to remove


What is is an adware application that infiltrates the PC by bundling and infects the system settings. This virus infects the system by introducing intrusive notifications to spoil user experience and clog the PC. Also, redirects victim to malicious pages every time you want to make some request to the search engine. READ MORE

How to remove browser hijacker


What is is a fake search engine that looks like a defenseless application. This virus is named browser hijacker because it infiltrates the system and hijacks PC settings. browser hijacker gets into the system by promoting various browser hacking apps. Since is a bogus search engine, it can show misleading results, redirect users to untrustworthy websites, and display a lot of advertisements. READ MORE

How to remove XCMB ransomware

decrypt. xcmb files

What is XCMB ransomware

XCMB is a dangerous program for your PC. XCMB virus belongs to the Stop (Djvu) family. This virus encrypts personal files. virus infects the system through spam messages and starts searching for frequently used files. This virus restricts access to these important documents, images, video, audio, archives. Such files receive the extension .xcmb.
When the encryption process ends, XCMB creates a note from cybercriminals: READ MORE

How to remove


What Is is an ad-type malware that redirects victims to untrustworthy pages without their permission. This brings significant inconvenience to work on a PC. enters the device using the bundling method. Then, this virus is a fake virus notification that claims the computer is infected with five viruses and uses fake ads all over your PC. READ MORE

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