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remove ads

What is is an ad-type program designed to host malicious content. displays spam mailings with browser notifications, ads and redirects visitors to malicious sites without the knowledge or desire of victims. READ MORE

How to remove Send Dark

Send Dark browser hijacker

What is Send Dark

Send dark is an ad-type virus that causes redirects to every time you want to make a request to the search engine, as well as when you open a new tab or window browser. Every click on some ad or redirect to causes performance degradation. READ MORE

How to remove


What is is a virus program similar to a fake search engine. virus works like a typical browser hijacker. This virus enters the system in a stealthy manner and changes the name of the default search engine homepage to READ MORE

How to remove


What is is a malicious website offering to convert YouTube videos to downloadable MP3 files. This program is dangerous because the virus uses fraudulent ad networks to harm the system. The virus displays a large number of advertisements to clog the PC system. Also, users intentionally or unintentionally click on these ads and end up on unnecessary pages. READ MORE

How to remove Twitch Explorer adware

delete Twitch Explorer

What is Twitch Explorer

Twitch Explorer is an adware that prompts you to update your installed Chrome extension. This virus is an adware-type virus because it generates ads throughout the work on the computer. Persistent ads overlay the desired information on the screen, and users deliberately or unintentionally click on these ads. Clicks on ads redirect victims to unnecessary pages to harm the system by clogging up the computer. Clicking on these ads also results in unwanted downloads. READ MORE

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