How to remove from Mac

how to remove protected connection com from mac

What Is

This is a deceptive application for Mac, designed to trick visitors into viewing ads and sites from, as a result of which developers will earn revenue from views and clicks. These malicious pages display notifications that the device is infected with viruses. Programs supposedly kindly encourage visitors to remove threats using one or another application. You should never trust such programs. is designed to make visitors believe that their devices are infected with 27 viruses that infected the system through an adult site. READ MORE

How to remove Teslarvng ransomware

teslarvng ransomware

What Is Teslarvng ransomware?

Teslarvng ransomware belongs to the ransomware family. Teslarvng ransomware acts on the principle of file infection and blackmail. After infection of all files, the virus will blackmail you with them, extorting money. You can not trust the developers. It encrypts the files, renames them, adding the extension “.teslarvng” to the names, and provides users with a letter with instructions on how to contact the developers.

As stated in the note, users can restore their files, but they can only do this with the help of a decryption program, which can be purchased from developers. To receive payment instructions, they must write an email to or Developers offer to decrypt one file for free to dispel all doubts. In fact, even developers cannot recover these files. You will give the money, but not receive files. Remove Teslarvng ransomware to get rid of the problems and return files. READ MORE

How to remove CoronaVi2022 ransomware


What Is CoronaVi2022 ransomware?

This is new ransomware distributed through fake malware promotion sites. Due to the situation with the growth of Coronavirus, developers began to spread the computer virus CoronaVirus. It encrypts files, adding the .coronaVi2022 @ extension to them, making them inaccessible. After encrypting all the files, CoronaVi2022 will issue a ransom note containing instructions on how users can recover their files by paying a ransom fee.

You can not trust developers of such programs, even if they plausibly assure you that they will return the files. Although CoronaVi2022 ransomware infects files, it cannot unlock them. Inexperienced users do not know this, therefore they think that CoronaVi2022 ransomware is able to return them files for money. As a result, you will not receive either files or money back. READ MORE

How to remove Horseleader

how to remove horseleader

What Is Horseleader?

Horseleader belongs to the type of ransomware. Its infection actions are fully consistent with all ransomware. Firstly, it enters the system through spam messages that users accidentally or for the sake of interest open. Then, Horseleader encrypts your important files and renames them, adding the extension “.horseleader” to their names for the lock indicator. After infection, Horseleader will change the desktop wallpaper and create a ransom note from the screen and into all folders containing encrypted data. READ MORE

How to remove Primechse from Mac


What is Primechse?

This is a pest for Mac, which will allow you to feel all the inconvenience while working on a computer and viewing any pages. The inconvenience is caused by the fact that after penetration into the computer, Primechse will display a huge number of advertisements that will limit the speed of viewing and visibility of all sites, and after clicking on the ads, they will redirect you to dangerous sites. For effective infection, Primechse collects your personal information. Unfortunately, you cannot undo all the changes. While Primechse is in your Mac. Therefore, remove Primechse, and for removal to be quick and effective, use our instructions. READ MORE

How to remove PDFEasyTool

remove pdfeasytool hijacker

What is PDFEasyTool?

According to developers of PDFEasyTool, PDFEasyTool must convert various files to PDF documents. These are words of developers said to attract users, however, in fact, this is a browser hijacker that is designed to promote a fake search engine. PDFEasyTool promotes the address by changing certain browser settings. This virus will also collect your personal information. It is also called a potentially unwanted application because it is not intentionally downloaded, it penetrates in a randomly secretive manner. READ MORE

How to remove

search formsfast1tab com

What is

This is a browser hijacker that changes the homepage and search engine to and without your knowledge. When enters your system, all changes are under the strict control of, you will not be able to influence them in any way. This hijacker will also redirect you to malicious sites when you enter your request into the search engine. This is done to generate advertising revenue for developers. Developers make the same sense when they display persistent notifications on your desktop. can also track your searches and personal data. READ MORE

How to remove

xml ads com

What is

After some advertising application is installed on your computer, some viruses like may appear. As you know, adware viruses infiltrate the system along with any free applications that are hard to guess. After installation, along with the program that user downloaded intentionally, enters the system. It infects it and starts placing ads and creates new tabs in browsers, opening various infectious sites. This will significantly harm the system and its performance. READ MORE

How to remove

What is

Like most adware viruses, redirects visitors to untrusted pages and loads infectious pages. People usually don’t open such pages on purpose. Developers inject this virus by attaching to other free applications that are usually downloaded from the Internet. No one can predict in advance which application the virus will be attached to. You will understand the presence of the virus only by certain signs:

From time to time, your browser will open fraudulent pages without your consent. When opened, these sites load hidden content. READ MORE

How to remove Persephone ransomware

persephone ransomware

What Is Persephone ransomware?

Persephone ransomware is spread by hacking and software activation. It can also be distributed via spam messages, fake software update tools, unreliable software downloads and trojans. Typically, developers send users emails that don’t look like something infectious. When users open messages, Persephone ransomware quickly penetrates the system and begins to become infected. Persephone ransomware is aimed at blocking files, which, according to them, can be canceled only by purchasing a decryption key from developers READ MORE

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