How to remove WebAdviseSearch from Mac

remove webadvisesearch

What Is WebAdviseSearch?

WebAdviseSearch is the name of a dangerous adware type application that aims to infect Mac. Advertising viruses inject a large number of advertisements and display them on the desktop screen. These ads interfere with the Internet because they overlap relevant information on the screen. User accidentally clicks on an ad and goes to unwanted pages. READ MORE

How to remove


What Is

This is an ad-type program designed to infect the system and promote unwanted pages to which redirects users every time they enter any query into a search engine. The main symptom of virus is advertisements. When enters the system it displays a pop-up window in the left corner READ MORE

How to remove


What Is

This is a scam site that was created by scammers to provide questionable content. This application does not require user consent to penetrate because it enters the system in a covert manner, like all ad-type applications. Victims may not be initially aware of the presence of until they see signs. READ MORE

How to remove Pay2Key ransomware


What is Pay2Key ransomware?

Pay2Key ransomware enters the system and blocks files to restrict access to them. The “.pay2key” extension is added to encrypted files to mark files that are not available for use or even opening. After encryption ends, the scammers create a ransom note. They add this note to the folders where the infected files are and to the desktop: READ MORE

How to remove DUSK 2 ransomware

remove duck2 ransomware

What is DUSK 2 ransomware?

This malware is designed to encrypt files. DUSK 2 is called ransomware because it illegally encrypts files and then demands a ransom from users and demands payment for decryption. The extension “.DUSK” is added to all encrypted files, which indicates that they are not viewable. After the encryption process is complete, the virus creates a ransom note "README.txt" which it places on the screen and in the folders where there are encrypted files READ MORE

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