How to remove WowMusix Start

how to delete WowMusix Start

What Is WowMusix Start

WowMusix Start is a browser hijacker virus from which you can get serious infections. If you are interested in learning more about this type of virus, you can view a few of our articles of the similar viruses, for example WowMusix Start manipulates your browser, for example to change your startpage, homepage and WowMusix Start can also track Internet activity. WowMusix Start can get to your computer with some free apps you download from the Internet. READ MORE

How to Change Too Small Font in Outlook

When it comes to reported problems with font size in Outlook, most of the time the issue people are having is too small text in emails when writing a letter, replying to it or forwarding it. This problem is pretty easily fixed: just adjust zoom settings on the Reading Pane. Other times users complain that menus and/or icons are too small in Outlook on their high resolution monitors. Too small font in older programs is actually a pretty common issue with HiDPI. The solution here might lie in changing display setting for Windows or for Outlook itself. This articles describes some fixes you may try to get rid of the small font problem in Outlook. READ MORE

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