How to Remove Pass and Play Ads

Pass and Play

What Is Pass and Play?

Pass and Play is an adware program that supposedly helps you to find better deals on the Internet. What this really means is that Pass and Play adds banners and ads to the web-pages you visit. It is usually installed with free apps from the Internet: when users download freeware or shareware, they often rush through the installation and don’t notice that more programs are installed together with the chosen one. If you wish to get rid of Pass and Play, read the tutorial below.

Is Pass and Play Safe?

Pass and Play is not a malicious program in itself; however, it does display some objectionable behavior. Pass and Play sneakily installs itself on the computer and shows advertisements when the user browse the web. Clicking on these ads, on purpose or by accident, might take the user on an untrustworthy website that can infect his computer with malware. Pass and Play collects information on the user, such as his IP-address, frequently visited pages, search queries and so on, that is used for generating customized ads. READ MORE

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