How to Remove browser hijacker

What Is can hijack search engine, startpage and homepage in your browsers and renew these settings every time you try to change them. This behavior is caused by one of the programs and/or browser extensions that you have installed. site looks like a search engine, however when you try using it it just opens a new tab with Google search results. If you want to delete from your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera, this step-by-step guide will help you. READ MORE

How to Remove Virus homepage

What Is

If start page and default search in your browsers have changed to, a browser hijacker have been installed on your PC. The page contains a search bar that redirects users to, and several links, some of them affiliate, to popular web-sites. is designed to generate revenue for its creators and doesn’t provide any value that a built-in browser start page wouldn’t. In addition, may display ads in your browsers and prompt you to install more advertising software. All in all, it is better to get rid of promptly. READ MORE

How to Remove ByteFence Browser Hijacker

ByteFence browser hijacker

What Is ByteFence?

ByteFence is a legitimate anti-malware product, however if you get it unintentionally, with Java update or while installing some software, on top of malware scanner you’ll get a browser hijacker that sets start page and default search in browsers to or Another app that usually accompanies ByteFence in these cases is Chromium browser that is oriented mostly towards computer specialists and enthusiasts, while non-tech savvy users will be better off with Chrome or other popular web-browsers. To get rid of ByteFence, browser hijacker and Chromium follow the directions on this page. READ MORE

How to Remove Virus removal

What Is Youndoo?

Youndoo is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that changes your default search and new tab page to and displays advertisement in your browsers. If you are wondering how Youndoo ended up on your computer, most likely that happened when you downloaded and installed some freeware from the Internet. Developers of free software and freeware sites generate their income by adding junkware to the packages with their programs; many users aren’t aware of this or don’t know how to avoid installing junkware. To get rid of search and start page, just follow this removal guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Virus site

What Is Maniihome? browser hijacker takes control of your browser settings and sets your start tab and search engine to, counteracting your attempts to change them. site is not a search engine in itself and just redirects you to results from other search providers (like when you enter search queries. If Maniihome hijacked your Chrome, Opera, Firefox or IE and you wish to delete from your start page and default search settings, this page describes how to do it. READ MORE

How to Remove Virus site

What Is is advertised as a privacy-oriented search engine that doesn’t record your search history. If new tabs in your browsers open to and entered search queries redirect you to the same site, that means Search Incognito got installed on your PC. That probably happened when you installed freeware from the Internet: free software often comes with potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) included in their installers, and if users don’t pay attention they end up installing the PUPs too. You can follow this removal guide to get rid of on your Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera. READ MORE

How to Remove Hijacker site

What Is Hijacker?

If your start page and default search have changed to, and you cannot change them back, that means a browser hijacker got installed on your computer. Most likely it happened when you installed a video downloader, a game or some other software downloaded for free from the Internet. At some point during the installation there was probably a marked checkbox with a caption along the lines of “Set as my new tab page and default search”. If you hadn’t unchecked the box, browser hijacker got installed on your PC. To remove from Chrome, IE, Firefox or Opera, you can follow this step-by-step guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Virus site

What Is YesSearches?

YesSearches is a browser hijacker that sets your browser homepage, new tab page and default search to and doesn’t let you change them back. This website looks like a generic search engine, but it’s not a real one: when a query is entered just opens new page with search results on If YesSearches hijacked your Chrome, Opera, Firefox or IE, and you want to get rid of redirects, read further to find out how. READ MORE

How to Remove eTogether


What Is eTogether?

eTogether browser hijacker might enter your computer when you download and install software from a freeware website. Installing freeware from these sites is a minefield: if you select Express installation (chosen by default) and rush through the installation process without reading fine print, several junkware programs will get installed and your browser settings will get changed. eTogether hijacker will alter your Google Chrome start page, new tab page and default search engine and might redirect you to sites with inappropriate content. Below you can find directions to remove eTogether from your PC. READ MORE

How to Remove Hoopla Search redirect

What Is Hoopla Search?

HooplaSearch is adware and a browser hijacker that can get into your PC when you download and install software for free. HooplaSearch changes your browser homepage to and your default search provider to HooplaSearch also injects ads labeled Related Search by HooplaSearch into search result pages and makes pop-up ads appear when you browse the web. If you encountered such ads and redirects and want to remove Hoopla Search from your computer, this step-by-step guide is designed to help you. READ MORE

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