How to Remove Yahoo Search From Mac

Delete Yahoo Search virus from Mac

What Is Yahoo Search?

If your browser keeps redirecting you to whenever you are searching for something (and you haven’t set Yahoo as your default search engine yourself), then you probably have a browser hijacker on your Mac. Browser hijackers often come in the form of browser extensions/add-ons, though sometimes they can be apps too. Hijackers set default search engine or homepage/start page of a browser to specific search engines, and stop users from changing those back. Sometimes instead of that they just intercept users’ search queries to Google, Bing and other popular search engines and display search results on the hijacker’s search engine. You may follow instructions below to uninstall the browser hijacker and remove Yahoo Search from your browser. READ MORE

How to Remove Quick PDF Merger New Tab

Delete Quick PDF Merger New Tab virus

What Is Quick PDF Merger?

If your browsers’ new tab page have been changed to Quick PDF Merger page (“enhanced by Google”) without your input, then you have a browser hijacker installed. A browser hijacker is a piece of software (most of the time it’s a browser extension, but sometimes there may be a separate program that will the reinstall that extension after users delete the latter) that can change homepage, default search engine or new tab page of a browser to make people use specific search engines, to boost advertising revenue for those. Some browser hijackers also generate ads or pop-ups in browsers they are installed on. You may follow this step-by-step guide to uninstall the browser hijacker and remove Quick PDF Merger from your browser. READ MORE

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