How to write a Teacher Resume

In this article, you will find tips on how to write a resume if you are looking for a teaching profession. A prerequisite for obtaining the position of a teacher is having a teacher education or teaching experience, so it is important to create a resume that will show the employer all the important information about you.

how to write teacher resume

Personal data

teacher resume

Like any other resume, teacher’s resume must also contain contact information to contact you (phone number, email address, maybe some of your website or a link to a social network). Do not forget about your name, surname, country and city of residence, you can add the year of birth. To provide complete information, please indicate your desired salary, employment (full or part) and work schedule. In this case, your goal is to be a teacher, so check that.

Professional Skills

teacher skills

Pay particular attention to describing professional skills. Here you can boast of knowledge of pedagogical theory or the basics of child psychology. If you have had experience as a tutor, then write about it too. You can also describe personal character traits that help in the teaching profession, for example, the ability to listen, understand people, respond quickly to questions, create an atmosphere of constructive communication, and the ability to respond quickly to any situation. It will not be superfluous to indicate the knowledge of languages.

Work experience and education

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This work requires experience, so the employer pays special attention to this section. If you have worked in any schools, please indicate the year of the start and the end, as well as the name of the school. If you have not worked in this area, then write about the experience that you had, for example, doing tutoring or doing an internship at school. Do not forget to indicate your education, this is very important. Year of the beginning and completion of studies, the name of the institute and faculty, the form of study.

Work responsibilities

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If you have had experience in teaching, pay attention to describing your responsibilities. For example, indicate that you taught history to students in grades 5-11, taught 40 lessons per week in your subjects, and indicate your academic performance.

Professional achievements


Professional achievement can play a significant role, so watch out for this point. Maybe you have prepared 6 winners of mathematics Olympiads or prepared more than 40 people for the exam, indicate the average mark of the applicants and the best result. Or maybe you were voted the best teacher in 2016.

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What is the difference between Cv and Resume?

Unlike a CV, a resume is a more concise document that lists the key, most important points of your professional career. Also in the resume, places of work are indicated in reverse chronological order. Emphasis on experience, skills and achievements can be individually placed for a specific job. Thus, the resume of one candidate may have different content depending on the vacancy.

Ways to write CV

Above, we have provided you with visual instructions on how to write a CV by hand, but if you do not have a lot of free time or are not sure that you will be able to write everything correctly, then applications that can help you come to help. is an online resume builder that will help you create a professional and convincing CV quickly and easily.

Resume Maker

resume maker

Resume Maker makes writing a professional resume easy for Windows. It provides all the tools you need to write a high quality resume that will get the attention of hiring managers. It can help you write a resume you can use to apply for jobs and share on social media. Use Resume Maker for MAC if you need it.

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