How to Remove On Stage Ads

How to stop ads by On Stage

What Is On Stage Adware?

On Stage attracts users by promising to enhance their video-watching experience: dim all parts of the screen except the video to hide all distracting elements. The downside of using this program is constant ads the users have to deal with while they browse the Internet. On Stage adware also keeps track of users’ Internet-related activity, for example, what sites they visit, and may share this information with third parties. On Stage might negatively affect performance of browsers, make them slower and more prone to crashing. If you’d like to remove On Stage adware from your computer, you can follow instructions on this page. READ MORE

How to Remove DealBarium Ads

How to Stop Ads by DealBarium

What Is DealBarium?

DealBarium offers users to find for them better deals in online stores. However someone might like this functionality though, DealBarium displays behavior that makes most people wish to delete this program from their computers. DealBarium generates ads in browser windows: coupons and deals, banners and pop-ups, and so on. In addition to that, DealBarium collects user’s browsing-related information like URLs visited and search queries entered. DealBarium uses this data to produce more appealing ads for the user; the info can later be sold to other companies. If you have ads by DealBarium on your PC and would like to uninstall DealBarium, please consult this page. READ MORE

How to Remove Search Engage

How to stop redirects

What Is Search Engage?

If your browser start page and default search were set to and you cannot change them, Search Engage browser hijacker got installed on your PC. It likely happened when you installed some video player or other free software from the web. Search Engage is distributed by bundling with such freeware: when you install the program, Search Engage is offered as an extra app and is installed by default if you don’t decline. Search Engage is notoriously hard to delete, as it changes the system’s group policies to become an “Enterprise Installed Extension”. If you’d like to uninstall Search Engage from Google Chrome, please read the instructions below. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to get rid of

What Is browser hijacker sets your start page and default search to and keeps you from changing them. This is done to direct traffic to site and increase its revenue from advertisements on the site. has the same color scheme as and uses Google Custom Search to generate search results; this keeps some users from realizing their browser was hijacked, and they continue to use this site and its services, inferior to the ones provided by real search engines. If this has happened to your browser and you want to get rid of hijacker, please follow this removal guide. READ MORE

How to Remove FixIt

How to uninstall FixIt

What Is FixIt?

While FixIt seems like a real program designed to solve computer problems, and not malware, many users get it inadvertently and would like to uninstall FixIt from their PCs. Also, this program must be bought before you can solve the issues, and you can argue that the functions offered are not worth the deal. There is also the issue of unwanted advertisements that FixIt might force you to see. FixIt’s EULA says: READ MORE

How to Remove Search Solutions

How to get rid of Search Solutions

What Is Search Solutions?

The Chrome extension Search Solutions by Search Engage BitCro In is a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It changes new tab page and sometimes homepage and default search in the affected Chrome browser. The users that encounter this extension face a problem: Search Solutions is hard to delete or disable. It alters group policies on the computer and makes itself an “Enterprise Installed Extension” that the user cannot uninstall. You can follow this step-by-step removal guide to get rid of Search Solutions in your computer. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to stop redirects

What Is

If your browser keeps getting redirected to, that means Smartnewtab PUP got installed on your PC. Most probably this occurred when you downloaded and installed a free game or other software application from a freeware site. These sites make money by including junkware into software installers. When a user installs their software, the junkware gets installed too if the user doesn’t refuse it. Seeing that many users don’t pay particular attention during installation and that various tactics are used to prevent users from refusing, the junkware regularly ends up getting installed. If this has happened on your computer, you can follow this removal guide to get rid of READ MORE

How to Remove

How to get rid of

What Is browser hijacker sets browser start page, homepage and default search on the affected computer to website and uses different methods to hinder the user’s attempts of changing them. site generates income by displaying advertisements, and the hijacker helps that by directing traffic its way. If your browser is getting redirected to, you can follow this step-by-step guide to remove browser hijacker from your PC. READ MORE

How to Remove DynamiteArcade

How to stop DynamiteArcade ads

What Is DynamiteArcade?

Ads by DynamiteArcade will appear in your browser if you install DynamiteArcade software. This software allows computer users to play online games on website, although many users might wonder how it ended up on their computers if they’ve never even heard of this site. Well, in such cases this occurred when the users got free-of-charge software from one of download sites. Freeware is often accompanied by PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) that get installed together with the freeware unless users know how to cancel the PUPs’ installation. Once DynamiteArcade is inside, it starts to generate ads of various types: banners, sidebars, text-links, pop-ups, etc. If you encountered such ads and wish to remove DynamiteArcade from your computer, this step-by-step guide will help you. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to get rid of

What Is

Hightsearch is a browser hijacker: it changes your browser search engine, homepage and start page to and maintains these changes. The software responsible for this is one of the programs or browser add-ons you have installed on your PC. The page is not a genuine search engine, it has Google Custom Search embedded. also uses Google colors, probably to confuse inexperienced users and make them mistake it for a real Google Search. obviously generates revenue through advertisements, while the hijacking program directs more people towards it to boost the traffic. If you want to delete hijacker from your computer, please refer to this page. READ MORE

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