How to remove Bpws ransomware

What is Bpws ransomware?

Bpws is a computer virus that exhibits behaviors characteristic of ransomware. It encrypts the files on the infected computer, gives them .bpws file extension, and creates a ransom note named “_readme.txt”. This note contains the virus’s demands, however, it is not unique. Bpws is a part of the STOP/Djvu ransomware family; as a result, it demands the same thing as other viruses in this family. You can verify this yourself by checking out Iswr, another STOP/Djvu virus.
Bpws’s ransom note can be read on the image above. In the note, the virus asks for a payment of 980 US dollars. Victims who pay within three days of infection are promised a 50% discount. This discount exists to manipulate victims into paying quickly instead of having second thoughts or trying to do research.
The hackers don’t want you to do that, because there are ways to remove Bpws ransomware and decrypt .bpws files without paying them money. These ways are not perfect; not all files may be recoverable. However, this is still better than putting your trust in a criminal. We will explain these methods in the guide below.

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