How to remove CrySpheRe ransomware

CrySpheRe ransom note:

All of your files have been encrypted
Your computer was infected with a ransomware virus. Your files have been encrypted.
What can I do to get my files back? You can buy our special
decryption software, this software will allow you to recover all of your data and remove the
ransomware from your computer.The price for the software is $30.

Contact for buying decryption software:

This is the end of the note. Below you will find a guide explaining how to remove CrySpheRe ransomware.

What is CrySpheRe ransomware?

CrySpheRe is a ransomware virus belonging to the Xorist family. Just like every other ransomware programs, it encrypts all the files in can find so that it can demand money for their decryption. In addition to that, it also renames the affected files, giving them .CrySpheRe file extension. And, of course, it leaves a ransom note. It is named “КАК РАСШИФРОВАТЬ ФАЙЛЫ.txt”, which means “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES” in Russian. This is not uncommon for Xorist-type viruses. Some of them have their notes in Russian as well. Not CrySpheRe, though; its note is in English so you can easily read it on the image above.
The demands in the note are very modest by ransomware standards: the hackers only want $30. Still, contacting the hackers is risky and unreliable. The guide below will explain your other options, as you may be able to remove CrySpheRe ransomware and decrypt .CrySpheRe files without engaging with the criminals.

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