How to remove Aamv ransomware

What is Aamv ransomware?

Aamv is a ransomware program in the STOP/Djvu family. If these are just words to you, without any meaning, we’ll quickly explain. A ransomware program is a virus that infects the victim’s computer to encrypt all their files. This makes them inaccessible: you cannot read or edit them. However, they are not gone; it is possible to decrypt these files to make them normal again. The hacker who created the program offers to decrypt the files the program encrypted, for a price. This is how these programs make money and why they exist.
Aamv in particular, like we’ve mentioned, is a STOP/Djvu strain. It is very similar to all other viruses in this family; just compare, for example, Oodt ransomware and see the similarities for yourself.
All viruses in this family change the extensions of the files they encrypt (in this case, to .aamv file extension). They also have identical ransom notes, all named “_readme.txt”, placed on the Desktop, and containing the same demands ($980, or $490 if paid within 3 days after infection). The only thing that differs is the hacker’s contact information. You can see Aamv ransom note on the image above.
This is not cheap, and even if it was, hackers are unlikely to actually decrypt your files. Instead, read this guide explaining how to remove Aamv ransomware and decrypt .aamv files for free.

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