How to remove DrWeb (Xorist) ransomware

What is DrWeb ransomware?

DrWeb is the name of a new ransomware program; these viruses encrypt the files on the infected computer and demand money for the decryption. DrWeb belongs to the Xorist family of ransomware, which means it shares similarities with other viruses in this family. Files encrypted by this virus have “.DrWeb” file extension.
It is worth noting that although this virus is called DrWeb, there’s also an antivirus under the same name. This may cause some confusion, so you may want to specify that you’re looking for “DrWeb ransomware virus” while searching information about this ransomware.
The ransom note left by the virus, “КАК РАСШИФРОВАТЬ ФАЙЛЫ.txt”, is written entirely in Russian, but we have prepared a translation for you. Alternatively, if you can read Russian, check the image above for the original text. READ MORE

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