How to remove Joker ransomware

Joker ransom note:

Your Files Are Has Been Locked
Your Files Has Been Encrypted with cryptography Algorithm
If You Need Your Files And They are Important to You, Dont be shy Send Me an Email
Send Test File + The Key File on Your System (File Exist in C:/ProgramData example : RSAKEY-SE-24r6t523 pr RSAKEY.KEY) to 

Make Sure Your Files Can be Restored
Make an Agreement on Price with me and Pay
Get Decryption Tool + RSA Key AND Instruction For Decryption Process

1- Do Not Rename or Modify The Files (You May loose That file)
2- Do Not Try To Use 3rd Party Apps or Recovery Tools ( if You want to do that make an copy from Files and try on them and 

Waste Your time )
3-Do not Reinstall Operation System(Windows) You may loose the key File and Loose Your Files
4-Do Not Always Trust to Middle mans and negotiators (some of them are good but some of them agree on 4000usd for example and 

Asked 10000usd From Client)  this Was happened

Your Case ID :[REDACTED]
OUR Email
 in Case of no answer:

This is the end of the note. The following is a guide explaining how to remove Joker ransomware.

What is Joker ransomware?

Joker is an illegal program that makes money via data ransom (this is why it’s called ransomware). It infiltrates the victim’s computer and encrypts all files it can find using cryptographic algorithms. This renders the files inaccessible; to view and edit them again, they need to be decrypted. You can think of it as password-locking. Of course, the victim is not given the password; instead, the hackers say that the only way to decrypt the files is to pay them.
Joker specifically belongs to the VoidCrypt ransomware family. Files locked by this ransomware are given .Joker file extension, which is how the virus got its name to begin with. The virus also leaves two ransom notes, “Decryption-Guide.HTA” and “Decryption-Guide.txt”. They contain the same information, but the first one appears automatically, as a pop-up. You can read the full text on the image above, but here are the highlights.
The note does not mention any specific price; it merely asks the victim to contact the hacker to negotiate. It is also written in very poor English.
Giving into these demands is not recommended; often, the hackers simply take the money and disappear without giving the victims their files back. You can, however, remove Joker ransomware and decrypt .Joker files by following the guide below.

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