How to remove Nury ransomware

What is Nury ransomware?

Nury is the name of a ransomware program that has been infecting computers recently. It belongs to the STOP/Djvu family of ransomware. All ransomware viruses generally act similarly, since they need to accomplish the same goals. They all encrypt victims’ files, obviously, and they all leave a ransom note to let the victim know how to get these files back. Though it is not technically necessary, pretty much all ransomware programs also change the extension of the files they encrypt to show that this was an intentional attack and not a computer glitch. STOP/Djvu viruses take this similarity to another level, though; they are all nearly indistinguishable from one another.
Nury in particular demands $980 from their victims, or $490 if paid within 72 hours of infection. This information is communicated to the victim via a ransom note entitled “_readme.txt” that gets placed on the Desktop. The image above shows the full text. This virus messes with file extensions too: the affected files receive .nury file extension.
Criminals, rather by definition, are not trustworthy individuals. They often ignore the victims once the money is paid. For this reason, the guide below will explain alternative ways to remove Nury ransomware and decrypt .nury files.

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