How to remove Dgnlwjw ransomware

Dgnlwjw ransom note:

We inform you that your network has undergone a penetration test, during which we encrypted
your files and downloaded more than 100 GB of your and your customers data, including:


Confidential documents
Personal data
Copy of some mailboxes
Databases backups


Important! Do not try to decrypt the files yourself or using third-party utilities.
The only program that can decrypt them is our decryptor.
Any other program will only damage files in such a way that it will be impossible to restore them.


You can get all the necessary evidence, discuss with us possible solutions to this problem and request a decryptor by using the contacts below.
Please be advised that if we don't receive a response from you within 3 days, we reserve the right to publish files to the public.

Contact us: or



Customer service TOX ID: 0FF26770BFAEAD95194506E6970CC1 C395B04159038D785DE316F05CE6DE67324C6038727A58
Only emergency! Use if support is not responding

This is the end of the note. Below you will find a guide explaining how to remove Dgnlwjw ransomware.

What is Dgnlwjw ransomware?

Dgnlwjw is a malicious program that encrypts the files on the victim’s computer. The hackers then offer “decryption services”, hoping that the victim had some sensitive or valuable data they’d want back. As the hackers are basically holding the files ransom, this category of programs is known as ransomware.
Dgnlwjw belongs to the Snatch ransomware family. It changes the encrypted files’ names, giving them .dgnlwjw file extension. This is not a coincidence; the virus was named after its extension, as it is often the only unique thing about them.
To demand ransom from their victims, the virus creates a text file named “HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.TXT”. You can read the ransom note on the image above. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain much information. The hackers do not mention how much they want for decryption. However, the note suggests that Dgnlwjw was made to target companies, so the ransom amount is likely quite substantial.
So what should you do if you’re a normal person whose computer has been infected with Dgnlwjw? Not give up, that’s for sure. Our guide contains several methods that will allow you to remove Dgnlwjw ransomware and decrypt .dgnlwjw files without involving the hackers.

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