How to remove Gqlmcwnhh ransomware

Gqlmcwnhh ransom note:

All your files are encrypted, write to me if you want to return your files - I can do it very quickly!
Contact me by email: or

The subject line must contain an encryption extension or the name of your company!
Do not rename encrypted files, you may lose them forever.
You may be a victim of fraud. Free decryption as a guarantee.
Send us up to 3 files for free decryption.
The total file size should be no more than 1 MB! (not in the archive), and the files should not contain valuable information. (databases, backups, large Excel spreadsheets, etc.)
!!! Do not turn off or restart the NAS equipment. This will lead to data loss !!!

To contact us, we recommend that you create an email address at or
Because gmail and other public email programs can block our messages!


Customer service TOX ID: 0FF26770BFAEAD95194506E6970CC1C 395B04159038D785DE316F05CE6DE67324C6038727A58
Only emergency! Use if support is not responding

This is the end of the note. Below you will find a guide explaining how to remove Gqlmcwnhh ransomware and decrypt .gqlmcwnhh files.

What is Gqlmcwnhh ransomware?

Gqlmcwnhh is the name of a new ransomware program in the Snatch family. Designed to make money via ransom, Gqlmcwnhh encrypts all files on computers it infects, with the exception of system files. The encrypted files are renamed, receiving .gqlmcwnhh file extension. Then the virus creates a ransom note, a text file named “HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.TXT”. This note can be read on the image above.
The note indicates that Gqlmcwnhh was made to target specifically companies, similar to Bkqfmsahpt and Yguekcbe, other recent viruses in the Snatch family. Despite this, regular users may also fall victim to this ransomware by accident. The hackers do not mention any price, as negotiating is a better tactic when dealing with high-profile targets.
Conversely, this also means that if you’re a normal person whose computer got infected accidentally, the hackers will likely find you beneath their notice, should you choose to contact them. That said, communicating with them is not recommended anyway, so you’re not really losing much. Using our guide to remove Gqlmcwnhh ransomware and decrypt .gqlmcwnhh is a viable alternative to contacting the criminals.

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