How to remove Oopu ransomware

What is Oopu ransomware

Oopu is a computer virus that illegally makes money for the hackers who made it. Using a special algorithm, files on your computer can be encrypted – password-locked, in very simple terms. The hackers take advantage of this by creating viruses that encrypt (lock) all files on your computer and then demand money to decrypt (unlock) them. Since you don’t know the algorithm or the password, you cannot easily do it yourself (though there are still options available).
This type of viruses is called ransomware. Oopu belongs to the STOP/Djvu ransomware family – a group of viruses that behave very similarly to each other (compare Vvwq, another virus in this family).
A ransom note, called “_readme.txt”, is placed on the desktop by the virus to communicate the hackers’ demands. You can read the full text on the image above. The virus also renames all the files that it encrypts, giving them .oopu file extension; this is how it got its name.
Either way, paying ransom is expensive and unreliable, so it’s much better to remove Oopu for free, and decrypt .oopu files yourself while you’re at it. The guide below will explain how to accomplish this.

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