How to remove Basn ransomware

Basn ransom note:

Hello, your company's computer is encrypted by me, and the database and data are downloaded. If you do not want me to disclose these materials, you must pay me a ransom. After receiving the ransom, I will delete all downloaded files and help you decrypt your computer, otherwise If we do, we will disclose these materials and your company will face unprecedented repercussions.

We only work for money and do not destroy your network, and we are very honest. After receiving the ransom, we will also provide you with information about the vulnerability of your system to help you fix the vulnerability to avoid re-attacks.

If you doubt our ability to decrypt files, you can send me some encrypted files and I will decrypt them to prove it.

Please pay the ransom in Bitcoin or Monero.

Please use TOX to contact me or email me.

TOX:F2274FB1619F122E2B8005C3CC6F63215D4DC6E E6E3937278BA6CE1A199F5A0F5A8E248BF5BE
TOX Download:hxxps://

This is the end of the note. Below you will find a guide explaining how to remove Basn ransomware.

What is Basn ransomware?

Basn is a malicious program that is categorized as ransomware by the researchers. The ransom note created by this virus indicates that it targets companies, though it may have accidentally infected home computers as well.
Files encrypted by this ransomware program have .basn file extension. As the virus has no official name, the extension also serves as the name of the virus.
Basn, just like every other ransomware virus, attempts to force the victim to pay the hacker, and this is not possible without communication. This is why the ransom note left by the virus, “unlock your files.txt”, gives the victim a way to contact the hackers. You may read the full text of the note on the image above or keep reading for the summary.
The note does not mention how much the hackers want for decryption; since Basn was designed to target companies, the price is likely very high. However, the hackers mention that they’ll accept payments only in BitCoin or Monero cryptocurrencies.
So, what should you do if you’ve been infected by Basn? Contacting the hackers is not a good idea; often, they take the money without decrypting the files. In this case, they might not even want to talk to you, since they indended to target companies, not regular people. Instead, you should read our guide. It will tell you how to remove Basn ransomware and decrypt .basn files.

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