How to remove Coza ransomware

What is Coza ransomware?

Coza is a new variant of the STOP/Djvu virus. This virus is a ransomware, which means it makes money by encrypting the victim’s files and requiring payment for the decryption.
STOP/Djvu has many strains: more than a thousand, in fact. And all of them are very similar to each other. So how can you tell that you’ve been infected with Coza and not with some other variant? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. If you look at the encrypted files, you’ll notice that they have a new extension. In this case, it’s .coza file extension. The files will also show up as “COZA File” in Windows Explorer.
Coza virus leaves a ransom note detailing its demands. This note is called “_readme.txt”, and you can read it on the image above. But to summarize, the hackers want almost a thousand dollars for decryption ($980, to be exact). There is a discount if you pay the hackers within three days, but $490 is still a lot of money.
It is quite obvious that you’d be better off if you didn’t have to pay. And – thankfully – you don’t. There are other ways to remove Coza ransomware and decrypt .coza files, and you can learn about them by reading our guide.

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