How to remove D7k ransomware

D7k ransom note:

For Real man you are a developer and got hacked in this way????
if you want to get your data back send me 500$ on this
bitcoin wallet: bc1qwe5qxdj7aekpj8aeeeey6tf5hjzugk3jkax6lm

This is the end of the note. Below you will find a guide explaining how to remove D7k ransomware.

What is D7k ransomware?

D7k is a malicious program in the ransomware category. This means that this virus makes money by encrypting the files on the infected computer, then asking the victim to pay money for decryption.
Each file encrypted by the virus receives .D7k extension; indeed, this is how the virus got its name. This means that a file called “image.png” would be renamed to “image.png.D7k” after encryption.
D7k also creates a ransom note; a text file named “note.txt” that contains instructions for the victim. This very brief note (see image above for full text) states that the victim must send $500 to a certain BitCoin address if they want their files to be decrypted.
As hackers provide no contact information, it is unlikely that the claim the note makes is true. Chances are, you will not receive your files even if you choose to pay. Of course, many people wouldn’t even consider this course of action, as $500 is quite a high price.
For these reasons, many people want to know whether it’s possible to remove D7k ransomware and decrypt .D7k files without paying the hacker. The answer is yes; there are several options you can pursue. Read the guide below for more information.

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