How to remove Erop ransomware

What is Erop ransomware?

Erop is a ransomware-type virus in the STOP/Djvu family of ransomware. It is intended to generate money by encrypting files on the target computer and demanding money for decryption. As this behavior can be described as holding the victims’ data ransom, this type of viruses is called ransomware.
All STOP/Djvu viruses are similar to each other. They’re similar in the way they act – not that there’s much variation when it comes to ransomware – but they also leave identical ransom notes and have identical demands. You can see it yourself by checking out Assm ransomware, another virus in this family.
With this level of similarity, the only way to distinguish STOP/Djvu ransomware is by file extension. When these viruses encrypt the files, they also change the extension of these files; in this case, .erop file extension. This is why this virus is called Erop ransomware.
Erop’s ransom note is called “_readme.txt”, a plain text file that can be read on the image above. The hackers demand $980 for decryption. They offer a 50% discount for those who pay within three days, but even $490 is a significant sum.
So what should you do? Not pay, that’s for sure. Paying is dangerous and unreliable; thankfully, there are other ways to remove Erop ransomware and decrypt .erop files. Read the guide below for instructions.

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