How to remove Xash ransomware

What is Xash ransomware?

Xash is a harmful program that encrypts files on your computer, then demands money to give them back. This behavior is the defining characteristic of ransomware, a category of viruses.
There are many other viruses similar to Xash out there, like Gatz and Qopz. Despite this, it is easy to determine which virus encrypted your files – almost all ransomware, Xash included, gives encrypted files a new extension (in this case, .xash file extension).
As you may already know, the hackers want $980 or $490 for decryption – this is mentioned in the “_readme.txt” file left by the virus. For most people, this price is not acceptable; since you’re reading this article, this likely includes you.
So, we have some good news. It is indeed possible to remove Xash ransomware and decrypt .xash files without paying the cybercriminals. Not all files may be recoverable, but it’s still a lot better than losing almost a thousand dollars. Read the guide below to learn which options are available to you.

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