How to remove Yguekcbe ransomware

Yguekcbe ransom note:


All your files are encrypted!

Write to us if you want to restore them. We can make it very fast.
We also downloaded 700 GB of valuable information from your network.

Contact me by email: or

The subject line must contain an encryption extension or the name of your company!
Do not rename encrypted files, you may lose them forever.
You may be a victim of fraud. Free decryption as a guarantee.
Send us up to 3 files for free decryption.
The total file size should be no more than 1 MB! (not in the archive), and the files should not contain 

valuable information. (databases, backups, large Excel spreadsheets, etc.)

To contact us, we recommend that you create an email address at or
Because gmail and other public email programs can block our messages!

If you do not receive a response from us for a long time, check your spam folder.

Customer service TOX ID: 0FF26770BFAEAD95194506E6970CC1C395B04 159038D785DE316F05CE6DE67324C6038727A58
Only emergency! Use if support is not responding

This is the end of the note. Below you will find a guide explaining how to remove Yguekcbe ransomware.

What is Yguekcbe ransomware?

Yguekcbe ransomware is a malware program (a virus) that is designed to make money in a very specific way. First, it encrypts all files on the target computer using a cryptographic algorithm. This process renders the files inaccessible, but it is reversible. The virus then offers to do just that, to decrypt the files; that, however, would cost victim money. These viruses are called ransomware because this process essentially holds the files for ransom.
When Yguekcbe encrypts files, it also changes their names, adding .yguekcbe file extension. In fact, this is how the virus got its name. It also leaves a ransom note, “HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.TXT”, on the Desktop. The image above contains the full text of the note, but we will also summarize it in the next paragraph.
The note indicates that Yguekcbe virus is designed to target companies, though of course, private individuals may also fall victim to it by accident. The hackers do not specify the ransom amount, only their contact information. Presumably this is because they intend to negotiate.
Contacting the hackers is a bad idea; in many cases they just ignore their victims after receiving payment. And if you really are just a citizen whose computer got infected with Yguekcbe by mistake, they likely wouldn’t even talk with you. This is why you should follow our guide, which will describe how to remove Yguekcbe ransomware and decrypt .yguekcbe files without their involvement.

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