How to remove Zouu ransomware

What is Zouu ransomware

Zouu is a ransomware program that belongs to the STOP/Djvu family. As it is a malicious program that harms computers it spreads to, some also refer to it as Zouu virus. Ransomware is merely a more specific word that refers to what this virus does: it holds the victims’ files ransom.
To accomplish this, Zouu encrypts the files on the infected computer. Such files cannot be accessed, but the procedure is reversible if you know how it was done. The hacker, of course, will not provide this information to you, instead offering to decrypt the files for a price. The virus also renames the encrypted files, giving them .zouu file extension, and creates a file named “_readme.txt” which contains the hacker’s demands.
It is worth noting that Zouu is similar to other STOP/Djvu viruses in many respects. All of them follow the four-letter naming convention: Bpws, Iswr, and Bttu are merely a few examples. But they’re also similar in other regards.
All of them, Zouu included, demand $980 (or $490 if you factor in the discount) from the victims. As this is quite a steep price, you may consider learning how to remove Zouu ransomware and decrypt .zouu files without paying the hacker. Several such methods are described in the guide below.

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