How to Remove Search Know website

What Is Search Know?

Search Know browser hijacker usually gets inside a computer when you install software from freeware download sites. It then proceeds to show ads in your search results in Google and Yahoo, and changes your default search engine to or If you encountered such ads and redirects and want to remove Search Know from your browsers, follow this step-by-step guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Redirects redirect

What Is redirects usually start after user installed a freeware program from one of the free download sites. In a rush to get the program installed, user might choose “Express” installation that will get several other programs installed without his or her knowledge. This is the way most adware and browser hijackers like redirect get into the user’s system. hijacker then proceeds to change browser settings to open new pages and homepage to search website. This article will help you to get rid of redirect. READ MORE

How to Remove Monarimo Ads


What Is Monarimo?

Monarimo by SuperWeb LLC is an adware app that displays numerous banners, coupons, pop-ups and other types of ads on web-pages you visit. Monarimo gets distributed by the way of bundling: freeware developers and freeware download sites often let adware to be installed together with their products. If the user doesn’t pay attention when installing free software, he can easily get his computer infected with adware or even something more dangerous. So, if you did get Monarimo on your PC and want to get rid of it, this guide is for you. READ MORE

How to Remove Albireo Ads

Albireo Ads example

What Is Albireo?

Ads by Albireo might appear in your browsers after you install a download manager or some other app from a freeware download website. These sites often generate revenue by adding adware and other potentially unwanted programs to the software they provide. If you didn’t know that and got Albireo adware downloaded, advertising banners, floating ads, or pop-ups captioned “Ads by Albireo” and “Powered by Albireo” will be displayed when you browse the Internet. They can advertise merchandise from online stores or urge you to fill out surveys. This article describes how to get rid of Albireo ads in your browsers. READ MORE

How to Remove Snail Translator Ads

Snail Translator

What Is Snail Translator?

Snail Translator is advertised as a fast multilingual translator matching similar services by Google and Bing. Users that installed it, however, start noticing new ads on webpages they visit, high CPU usage and Internet slow down. This program can be downloaded from, but most of the time it gets on users’ computers by bundling with freeware. If you like to download free apps and don’t pay close attention during installation, often enough you get potentially unwanted programs like Snail Translator installed too. To remove Snail Translator ads from your PC, please follow this guide. READ MORE

How to Remove

What Is browser hijacker redirects your searches to, which is not an actual search engine and just gets you results from Google. You may unknowingly install hijacker when you download apps from freeware websites. “Quick” or “Advanced” installation often gets more programs installed then you wanted, and you end up with redirects or some other undesirable browser behavior. If you want to figure out how to remove hijacker, please read this article. READ MORE

How to Remove Dolphin Deals

Dolphin Deals

What Is Dolphin Deals

Dolphin Deals serves ads, coupons and pop-ups into your browsers. It can get on a computer together with download managers or other free programs from the web. When you install such programs, they often offer you “quick” installation that will get some potentially unwanted applications installed too. Dolphin Deals is an example of these programs: once it gets on your PC, it will start to display ads in Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. To get rid of Dolphin Deals ads, see the guide below. READ MORE

How to Remove Cash Kitten Ads

Cash Kitten adware

What Is Cash Kitten

Cash Kitten is advertised as a useful browser extension to help you find best priced services and toys for your cat on the web. In truth Cash Kitten is an adware program, and its main purpose is to show you ads and pop-ups when you browse the Internet. Cash Kitten can be downloaded from website or be bundled with some other free programs. When you download freeware from the Internet, chances are very high that these apps will come with some undesirable programs included, if you don’t play close attention to the installation process. If that happened and you wish to find out how to remove Cash Kitten, read the article below. READ MORE

How to Remove Locky Ransomware

Locky ransomware

What Is Locky Ransomware?

Locky is ransomware not different from many others: it encrypts user’s files and demands payment for a decryption tool. Files stored in cloud services and shared files on local networks are also encrypted, so the only sure way to get back the files is to restore from offline backups. Even paying the ransom is not a reliable method: some users reported that the decryption tool wasn’t able to decrypt all of the files. However, some methods, like restoring the files from shadow copies, might work in some cases. If you were hit and want to find out how to remove Locky and decrypt your files, you can read this article. READ MORE

How to Fix Start Menu Error in Windows 10

Windows 10 Start Menu error message

What Is Start Menu Error?

Start Menu error made itself known back in Windows 10 Technical Preview and continues to haunt Windows 10 users months after Win 10 release. If you get “Critical Error – Your Start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in” or “Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in” error messages in Windows 10, read this article to find out possible ways to fix Start Menu error. READ MORE

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