How to remove NHLP ransomware

nhlp ransomware

What is NHLP ransomware

NHLP ransomware is a malicious program from the Dharma ransomware family. This family also includes such programs as Prnds ransomware, Zida ransomware, Moba ransomware and much more. All viruses of this type penetrate computers to block files of all types (audio, photos, videos, documents).After blocking, developers notify users that infection can be prevented only by purchasing special tools that can only be purchased from developers. In the end, you just give money to the developers, but you don’t get the files. We advise you to remove NHLP ransomware from your computer as soon as possible. READ MORE

How to remove Prnds ransomware

remove prnds ransomware

What is Prnds ransomware

Prnds ransomware is a malicious program that works by blocking files that are on the computer. All files change in the name during the lock. For each name extension “.prnds” is added. After blocking files, developers enter notes demanding a ransom for files READ MORE

How to remove Zida Ransomware

zida ransomware

What is Zida ransomware

Virus ransomware is dangerous for your entire system, but files will be more affected. Zida Ransomware deliberately infiltrates the system to lock files for the purpose of further blackmail. After penetration and infection, developers will blackmail you with decryption files. You will be offered to buy a decryption for $490-980. There are many victims of Zida Ransomware, because users are willing to give money in return for help. However, you will be deceived. If you do not want to be cheated, remove Zida Ransomware right now. READ MORE

How to remove RequestTop adware from Mac


What Is RequestTop adware?

Mac devices are at risk as long as programs like Upgradecoordinator adware, Globalquestsearch, Searchescloud exist. RequestTop can be added to this list. Applications of this type track user data and monitor their actions on the Internet. RequestTop is not an exception, it also has this ability. You will not have the opportunity to get rid of the constant advertisements that will fill your entire screen. The system will suffer from overloading with malicious ads and changing settings. Victims cannot independently prevent all problems. In such cases, we suggest that you follow the instructions for removing RequestTop. READ MORE

How to remove Gyga ransomware

remove gyga

What is Gyga ransomware

Developers run this program on random computers to run the infection algorithm. Information about the infection will be provided in the form of a note. The note states that the files are infected, they cannot be used, but they can be restored by contacting the developers by e-mail. However, developers cannot recover files, even those that they blocked. Victims complain about fraud on the side of developers. Despite the payment, they do not receive the promised decryption tools, so their data remains encrypted. READ MORE

How to remove Moba ransomware

moba ransomware

What is Moba ransomware

If your computer was attacked by Moba ransomware, then you have come under the influence of a computer ransomware. This type of virus also includes Wastedlocker ransomware, Yogynicof ransomware, Demonware ransomware and many others. Is it a virus or just another annoying program that illegally entered the system? Moba ransomware penetrates illegally through spam messages when users accidentally or specifically open these messages. Virus differs from the usual malware by its infection rate. Judging by the method of infection of this virus, all the signs indicate a viral infection. Virus has a very negative effect on files.

Files will be locked. You will not be able to open either audio, or photos, or documents. A system infection includes not only file locking, but also luring users to use their decryption tools. You should not rely on the help of the virus. Victims of Moba ransomware admit that they did not receive any decryption tools, but were only deceived by developers of this virus. Remove right now. READ MORE

How to remove PDFConvertersSearch


What is PDFConvertersSearch?

This is a fake search engine designed to promote the same dangerous programs. While the virus is in the system, it collects user personal information in order to know what the user is most often looking for and what pages he visits. Due to the fact that PDFConvertersSearch penetrates the system secretly, it is called a potentially unwanted application (PUA). And due to the fact that the virus changes the system settings, it is considered to be browser hijacker. In addition to internal changes, you will notice that your familiar search engine also looks different. When you enter some information, it will take you to completely different sites. You will notice that on your screen more and more often announcements and advertisements began to appear. This is done in order to degrade the performance of the computer. The faster you remove the virus, the less your system will be injured. READ MORE

How to Remove

Delete, (new mode biz virus) notifications prompts users to allow its notifications

What Is is one of many shady sites that attempt to trick users into subscribing to their push notifications. may claim that users have to click or tap Allow on its notifications confirmation pop-up box in order to access a page, confirm that they are not robots, play a video, block ads, etc. If a user clicks Allow, notifications will begin popping up on the right side of the screen if it’s a PC or on the lockscreen if it’s a mobile device. notifications will promote untrustworthy websites, invite the user to join adult chatrooms, read clickbait articles, etc. If site keeps opening on your browser by itself, you may have adware installed on your device. This step-by-step guide will help you uninstall adware and remove pop-ups and notifications from your browser. READ MORE

How to Remove

Delete, (best deal for 21 life virus) notifications prompts users to allow its notifications

What Is is a deceptive website that tries to trick users into accepting its notifications request. The site may tell users that it is necessary to click Allow on a little “Show notifications” pop-up box if users wish to open a page, prove that they are not robots, download a file, and so on. Should a user click or tap Allow, he or she will start seeing notifications in the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen (or on the lockscreen if it’s a smartphone). notifications will spam the user with ads, clickbait links, fraudulent messages and software offers. You may get redirected to site after clicking on a shady link, or there may be adware installed on your device that keeps redirecting you to untrustworthy websites including This step-by-step guide will help you uninstall adware and remove notifications and redirects from your PC or smartphone. READ MORE

How to Remove HideMeFast

delete Hide Me Fast virus that is managed by your organization

What Is HideMeFast?

HideMeFast is a dubious browser extension that redirects your searches first to and then to or another search engine. An extension that changes users’ search engine, homepage, start page and similar browser settings is called a browser hijacker. Most of the time browser hijackers get installed together with free programs downloaded from the Internet. HideMeFast may be difficult to get rid of as it makes itself “installed by administrator”, while your browser is “managed by your organization”. That is because the extension abuses a feature of Google Chrome intended for administrators of enterprise networks. You may follow this step-by-step guide to remove HideMeFast browser hijacker and get rid of the search redirect. READ MORE

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