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What Is is a fraudulent ad-type site designed to download malicious content. This virus enters the system via fake ad redirects or downloads of some free software. virus also collects personal information from victims, such as IP addresses or bank accounts. virus uses deceptive content to trick victims into subscribing to notifications, clicking on ads, or following a link. For example, when a user wants to enter a query in a search engine, redirects him not to the necessary pages, but to the page . READ MORE

How to remove adware adware

What Is is an adware application for anime streaming, however, this page does not have rights to anime shows , hence the virus is streaming anime illegally. The virus enters the system by targeting other dangerous programs and displays deceptive advertisements, questionable advertisements and redirects users to questionable websites every time you use your computer, even if the browser window is closed. launches push notifications to block fraudulent content. READ MORE

How to remove Virus

remove virus

What Is virus is an ad-type website that displays intrusive desktop notifications even when the Internet is not open. Usually, virus enters the system through malware and ads. This virus displays a pop-up window (see the picture below) for users to click ALLOW – and then the virus began to attack the system with advertisements. This is not only annoying, but also harmful to the computer, because it overloads it with information. READ MORE

How to remove SkilledRecord virus from Mac

skilledrecord virus

What Is SkilledRecord?

SkilledRecord is a fraudulent ad-type computer application. Once this application is installed on your computer, it will hijack and change all active browsers without any notification in order to promote questionable ads without your knowledge on Mac OS computers. SkilledRecord virus hijacks the Windows database and infects browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. READ MORE

How to remove pop-up

leasedtohe biz ads virus

What Is

It is a dangerous ad-type site that tries to trick users into subscribing to their browser notifications. A pop-up appears on the computer screen that prompts users to click Allow to Show notifications. If someone clicks Allow, they will start constantly redirecting to a page with advertisements from without their consent. Permanent notifications will promote various questionable sites and services, encourage users to download something, and so on. This is not only very annoying, but also dangerous, because a large number of ads slows down the work in the system. READ MORE

How to remove PC Optimizer Pro

remove pc optimizer pro unwanted application

What Is PC Optimizer Pro?

PC Optimizer Pro it is a malicious application for all kinds of browser. PC Optimizer Pro is touted as the best free PC optimization app and is designed to run a system scan that checks it for invalid registry entries, unnecessary files such as temporary files, broken shortcuts, browser cache, cookies. READ MORE

How to remove


What Is

This is an adware type program that introduces questionable content into the system to redirect to untrustworthy malicious pages. is classified as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) because it infiltrates the system in a covert manner. Most often, all programs of this type enter the system using the bundling method (a method in which virus is attached to some free application and downloaded along with it). READ MORE

How to remove pop-up ads pop-up-ads

What Is pop-up ads?

This is an adware type program created by fraudsters to illegally enter the device and infect. pop-up ads enters the device using the bundling method (a method in which virus is attached to free applications and downloaded together). pop-up ads displays a pop-up window that requires permission to show notifications: READ MORE

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