How to write Italian CV

italian cv

CV serves to convince the employer that you are the right choice. It usually takes an employer less than a minute to evaluate a resume and make a preliminary selection of candidates. Therefore, if your resume does not pass the preliminary selection, you have lost your chance. If you have no idea how to write a resume in Italy because you have just finished your studies and need to start looking for a job, or if you have submitted your CV many times but never received a call back, then follow our tips. READ MORE

How to run Acid Pro on Mac

installing windows 10 on a macbook air with bootcamp

How to Get Acid Pro on a Macbook

Acid Pro is a popular digital audio workstation that, unfortunately, is only available for Windows operating system. But what if you want to compose music on a Mac? In that case you can either select an Acid Pro alternative or install Windows on the Macbook. There are two ways to do the latter: install Windows alongside macOS with the help of Mac’s BootCamp, or use virtualization software like Parallels or VirtualBox to install and run Windows inside an app. This article overviews ways to run Windows on Mac and describes pros and cons of each method. I hope this will assist you in selecting the best way to run Acid Pro on a Mac in your case. READ MORE

How to write a CV in Germany

write cv in-germany.jpg

In Germany, unlike many other countries, people cannot invite to an interview without a resume, because it plays a significant role in hiring, so people who are looking for a job in Germany pay great attention to the design and content of the resume. And employers also have strict requirements for the document. To write your resume correctly, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following rules. READ MORE

How to write a Teacher Resume

how to write teacher resume

In this article, you will find tips on how to write a resume if you are looking for a teaching profession. A prerequisite for obtaining the position of a teacher is having a teacher education or teaching experience, so it is important to create a resume that will show the employer all the important information about you. READ MORE

How to write a CV for a job with no experience

how to write a cv for a job with no experience
What should you do, when you don`t have work experience but the employer requires a resume?

Preparing a resume for finding a job is a must. However, people who are looking for their first job and have no work experience think that in this case there is nothing to write, but this is not so. Many employers are looking for new employees who are ready to train and educate them. Your task is to make sure that you are noticed and invited to work. READ MORE

How to make CV (Curriculum Vitae)

how to make curriculum vitae

What is a CV and what about its types

CV is a document containing information about skills, work experience, education and other achievements. The Latin term “Curriculum Vitae” is translated as the road of life, biography, short autobiography. In sum, CV is a description of person’s abilities that make him or her competitive in the job market. CV can be specific, namely, if you are looking for a specific position (teacher, salesman, cook), or general, which does not focus on specific area. The difference between these two types of CV is that when writing the first type, it is necessary to write about experience and skills that are related to the profession you are interested in, skills, experience and places of work in other areas, you can not use in the CV. And when writing a second type CV, you need to write everything, your entire career and educational path. READ MORE

How to Protect a Database From Hackers

protect database from hackers

Pretty much all companies and organizations nowadays have databases. A database is a valuable and important resource that often contains sensitive or confidential information, and losing that data or having it stolen may have disastrous consequences for the company. Here are some important tips on how to protect your database from being hacked. READ MORE

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