How to write Italian CV

CV serves to convince the employer that you are the right choice. It usually takes an employer less than a minute to evaluate a resume and make a preliminary selection of candidates. Therefore, if your resume does not pass the preliminary selection, you have lost your chance. If you have no idea how to write a resume in Italy because you have just finished your studies and need to start looking for a job, or if you have submitted your CV many times but never received a call back, then follow our tips.

italian cv

To write a resume in Italy, you firstly need to know the rules for its design. The first step is to indicate the contact information at the top of the page:

nome – name
cognome – surname
indirizzo – address
e-mail – email address
telefono – phone

italian resume

On the right, you need to add a 3×4 photo, where the face is clearly visible. The photo should be in a business style.

The next step is personal information Informazioni personali :

data di nascita-date of birth
stato civile-marital status
patente guida (categoria)-driving license (indicate the category)
luogo di nascita-birthplace
nubile-not married

An important point is education. On the left, we indicate the month and year of graduation:

Università nazionale-National University….
laurea magistrale in-master’s degree in….
laurea di baccelliere in-bachelor’s degree in …
laurea di specialista in-diploma of a specialist in …
scuola superiore-lyceum / technical school
istituto di-institute
facoltà di-faculty

cv in italy

After that, the work experience is indicated, starting from the last place of work. On the left, you must write from what date and until what date did you work at this enterprise Esperienze professionali :

esperienze lavorative presso-work experience
stagista presso internship
lavoro come volontario-volunteer practice

The latter are usually supplemented with computer knowledge and other Competenze e capacità professionali skills:

utente esperto di Microsoft Office Suite – advanced user of Microsoft Office Suite
programmazione HTML-basic HTML programming
Conoscenza del pacchetto Microsoft Word / Excel / Access / Powerpoint – fluency in Microsoft Word / Excel / Database / Powerpoint programs
ottime capacità comunicative – excellent communication skills
madrelingua-native speaker
comprensione orale e scritta buona in-good (oral, written)

Basic resume writing tips:

Keep your resume short – usually 2 pages are enough to improve your profile. 3 pages may seem overwhelming at times. For example, if you are a university graduate, enter your higher education information, but only if it applies to your application.

Focus on important information that fits the list and highlight skills related to the type of employment you fit.

Provide explanations for any interruptions during your studies or throughout your career, trying to highlight the skills you may have acquired during this period.

Check spelling and punctuation, remove any spelling errors, and make sure their structure is logical and well-defined.

What is the difference between Cv and Resume?

Unlike a CV, a resume is a more concise document that lists the key, most important points of your professional career. Also in the resume, places of work are indicated in reverse chronological order. Emphasis on experience, skills and achievements can be individually placed for a specific job. Thus, the resume of one candidate may have different content depending on the vacancy.

Ways to write CV

Above, we have provided you with visual instructions on how to write a CV by hand, but if you do not have a lot of free time or are not sure that you will be able to write everything correctly, then applications that can help you come to help. is an online resume builder that will help you create a professional and convincing CV quickly and easily.

Resume Maker

resume maker

Resume Maker makes writing a professional resume easy for Windows. It provides all the tools you need to write a high quality resume that will get the attention of hiring managers. It can help you write a resume you can use to apply for jobs and share on social media. Use Resume Maker for MAC if you need it.

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