How to remove Lisp ransomware

lisp ransomware

What is Lisp ransomware?

It is a ransomware created by scammers to sneak into the system. Lisp is called ransomware because after infiltrating the system, it blocks files and deceptively forces you to decrypt these files for a fee. Infection begins by encrypting files with the “.lisp” extension that is appended to each affected file. After encryption, Lisp ransomware creates a note with which it tries to lure money for a false decryption: READ MORE

How to remove Sglh ransomware

remove sglh ransomware

What is Sglh ransomware?

This virus belongs to the ransomware viruses. This type of virus extorts money from inexperienced users by fraudulent means. Sglh ransomware secretly penetrates the system and scans important files in order to block them. The extension “.sglh” is added to blocked files. After blocking files, virus creates a ransom note: READ MORE

How to remove Dex ransomware

dex ransomware

What is Dex ransomware?

Dex ransomware is a virus that infects important files found on the system. Locked files have a “.dex” extension at the end of the file names. The extension marks files that cannot be opened. After infecting important files, virus creates a note that it sends to folders where there are infected files: READ MORE

How to remove Bepabepababy ransomware

remove bepabepababy ransomware

What is Bepabepababy ransomware?

Bepabepababy is a malicious application has received ransomware status due to its ability to get money from users through deception and blackmail. Like other ransomware, it scans files, encrypts and renames. For example, the familiar file name “my music” is called “my An extension is added at the end to mark an unavailable file. READ MORE

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