How to remove NHLP ransomware

nhlp ransomware

What is NHLP ransomware

NHLP ransomware is a malicious program from the Dharma ransomware family. This family also includes such programs as Prnds ransomware, Zida ransomware, Moba ransomware and much more. All viruses of this type penetrate computers to block files of all types (audio, photos, videos, documents).After blocking, developers notify users that infection can be prevented only by purchasing special tools that can only be purchased from developers. In the end, you just give money to the developers, but you don’t get the files. We advise you to remove NHLP ransomware from your computer as soon as possible. READ MORE

How to remove Prnds ransomware

remove prnds ransomware

What is Prnds ransomware

Prnds ransomware is a malicious program that works by blocking files that are on the computer. All files change in the name during the lock. For each name extension “.prnds” is added. After blocking files, developers enter notes demanding a ransom for files READ MORE

How to remove Zida Ransomware

zida ransomware

What is Zida ransomware

Virus ransomware is dangerous for your entire system, but files will be more affected. Zida Ransomware deliberately infiltrates the system to lock files for the purpose of further blackmail. After penetration and infection, developers will blackmail you with decryption files. You will be offered to buy a decryption for $490-980. There are many victims of Zida Ransomware, because users are willing to give money in return for help. However, you will be deceived. If you do not want to be cheated, remove Zida Ransomware right now. READ MORE

How to remove Gyga ransomware

remove gyga

What is Gyga ransomware

Developers run this program on random computers to run the infection algorithm. Information about the infection will be provided in the form of a note. The note states that the files are infected, they cannot be used, but they can be restored by contacting the developers by e-mail. However, developers cannot recover files, even those that they blocked. Victims complain about fraud on the side of developers. Despite the payment, they do not receive the promised decryption tools, so their data remains encrypted. READ MORE

How to remove Moba ransomware

moba ransomware

What is Moba ransomware

If your computer was attacked by Moba ransomware, then you have come under the influence of a computer ransomware. This type of virus also includes Wastedlocker ransomware, Yogynicof ransomware, Demonware ransomware and many others. Is it a virus or just another annoying program that illegally entered the system? Moba ransomware penetrates illegally through spam messages when users accidentally or specifically open these messages. Virus differs from the usual malware by its infection rate. Judging by the method of infection of this virus, all the signs indicate a viral infection. Virus has a very negative effect on files.

Files will be locked. You will not be able to open either audio, or photos, or documents. A system infection includes not only file locking, but also luring users to use their decryption tools. You should not rely on the help of the virus. Victims of Moba ransomware admit that they did not receive any decryption tools, but were only deceived by developers of this virus. Remove right now. READ MORE

How to remove WastedLocker ransomware

wastedlocker ransomware

What is WastedLocker ransomware

WastedLocker ransomware is designed to quickly infect the system and to block important files. You will not know about the infection right away, because the virus will block files covertly. When your files become completely unusable, a message will appear on your desktop. READ MORE

How to Remove Wave ransomware

wave ransomware

What is Wave ransomware

Wave ransomware develops as a ransomware in the system. It extorts money, of course, but under the guise of a good helper. Initially, files are infected until they become completely inactive. Locked files are not so bad. The trouble will begin when you are bribed by returning your files. To do this, you will pay the developers a certain amount of money. You may be ready to give as much money as you want for decryption, but developers arranged everything so that you won’t get decrypted files. They will still be blocked, and you cannot do anything about it. This article was created to help you prevent infection and save files from blocking. To do this, remove Wave rransomware. READ MORE

How to remove Fob ransomware

fob ransomware

What is Fob ransomware

Fob ransomware was recently discovered by computer experts relatively, but this did not stop it from infecting a huge number of computers files. It is through files that the system is infected. The extension in file name gives an infection. The infected files are called “1.jpg“. Files with this name are completely closed for use. But blocking files is not the worst thing ransomware can send. The worst thing is the deception of virus. File infection is intended for further blackmail. You will receive a message from developers, in which you will receive instructions on the purchase of the decryption key so that your files are returned. No matter how you wait, files will not be returned. To effectively resist recently, you need to remove it. READ MORE

How to remove R3f5s ransomware

r3f5s ransomware

What is R3f5s ransomware

After infecting your computer with R3f5s ransomware, developers will send you the addresses and so that you can contact them. Files that have extension “.r3f5s” do not allow users to use them. Hoping for the deep disappointment of victims, scammers display a note on your screen with information about the infection READ MORE

How to remove Yogynicof ransomware

yogynicof ransomware

What is Yogynicof ransomware

Yogynicof ransomware is designed to encrypt files and change their names by a certain number. For example, if there are three files in a folder, then one file is renamed to “1”,other to “2”, and the last to “3”. After encryption, an information note from the virus developers will appear on your desktop. As indicated in each ransom note, Yogynicof ransomware encrypts all files, and it is impossible to decrypt them without a decryption key, which costs $ 500. It is possible to buy it only from developers by transferring this money to provided address within 48 hours, after which the decryption key will be automatically deleted. After such a suggestion from developers, victims without thinking agree to such a paid solution. Developers are scammers. Even after receiving money, fraudsters will not care about problem of victims. It means that you will remain deceived. READ MORE

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