How to remove Dr ransomware

dr ransomware

What is Dr ransomware

This virus acts in opposition to its name, because it does not cure, but destroys the system. After entering the system, Dr ransomware will look for important system files for their capital infection. Unfortunately, you cannot open and restore all files on your own. Developers will send victims addresses ( и where they can contact developers and learn about recovery. Also, developers will send you information that it is impossible to open files stored on your computer, and previously working files now have the extension my.docx.locked. To unlock your files, you are invited to buy special tools. READ MORE

How to remove Zwer Ransomware

zwe ransomware

What is Zwer ransomware

If your computer has become infected with another ransomware, then you need to read this article. We have prepared pest removal instructions for you. Surely, you have already seen the message about the decryption tools from developers. We want to shield you from unnecessary actions so that you do not turn out to be cheated by scammers. They will block your files, and then they will demand money from you to provide decryption. In addition, promise of decryption is false. That is, you will not receive any help. Remove Zwer Ransomware as soon as possible. Use the instructions below. READ MORE

How to remove LickyAgent ransomware

remove ransomware

What is LickyAgent ransomware

This ransomware encrypts important files by adding the extension “.dMQDF” to the file names. This extension indicates that the files are not available for use. After infection, LickyAgent ransomware displays note created by fraudsters with instructions on how to contact developers. This note contains the address ( where the victims must go and create an account. After you contacted the developers, they should provide you with data on the price of decryption software and how to pay for it. We do not recommend you contacting and trusting scammers. They will trick you into deceiving money without providing any decryption tools. Remove LickyAgent ransomware using the instructions below. READ MORE

How to remove .rar (Jigsaw) ransomware

rar jigsaw ransomware

What is .rar (Jigsaw) ransomware?

This is a ransomware-type virus that penetrates the system through spam messages, mailing lists. Often, users open such messages out of interest, not suspecting a disaster.Your files will be more affected because the main goal of
.rar (Jigsaw) ransomware is to get money, and money can be easily obtained by blackmailing inexperienced users. After all files have been infected, .rar (Jigsaw) ransomware notification will be sent to you. After notification, information will be provided on the proposal to buy a decryption key for 100 dollars. We strongly advise against contacting scammers. Information about decryption for money is a false ploy for extorting money. Not all users may know that developers cannot decrypt files that are locked. This means that you will lose money. You can help your computer by removing .rar (Jigsaw) ransomware from the system. Use the tools below. READ MORE

How to remove Frogo ransomware

frogo ransomware

What is Frogo ransomware

This is malware owned by to computer ransomware. Systems infected with this virus can no longer use files and open them, because they are encrypted with a virus with the extension “.frogo”. Frogo ransomware encrypts files in order to then demand a ransom for them. Developers will send you the addresses to which you must send the money within 48 hours in order to send you a decryption tool. If within 48 hours there will be no payment your files start to be deleted without a return of the not recovery 2-6 files will be deleted. If within 90 hours there will be no payment all your data will be irretrievably removed. Do not fall for the tricks of scammers. They scare you specifically to lure money and leave you with a problem. The only effective way is to remove Frogo ransomware. Follow our instructions. This will help you remove this virus without negative consequences. READ MORE

How to remove DualShot ransomware

remove dualshot ransomware

What is DualShot ransomware

After the introduction of this virus, your photos, music, documents and other files will be encrypted; they will not be accessible. According to developers, you can decrypt files by purchasing a decryption key for $250. In order to get more information about the payment, you can write to the developers at READ MORE

How to remove Bomba ransomware


What is Bomba ransomware

The name “bomba” does not mean that this application will bring a bombingly cool result to work. Rather, it is the other way around. With this virus you will know what bomb problems are. Bomba ransomware was created to infect files by blocking them. After infection, Bomba ransomware will send you an information letter: READ MORE

How to remove SIGARETA ransomware

remove sigareta ransomware

What is SIGARETA ransomware

Do you know what cigarettes and this virus have in common? SIGARETA ransomware, like nicotine, penetrates computer “organism” and infects it, this soon leads to the “extinction” of organs. In this case, your files will die. SIGARETA ransomware blocks all your files so that you cannot use them anymore, you cannot even open them. Unfortunately, these are not all the problems that the virus creates. SIGARETA will cash in on your problem and offer imaginary help READ MORE

How to remove Nlah Ransomware

nlah ransomware

What is Nlah ransomware

This virus has all the features of a computer ransomware. It penetrates the system through spam messages. If you open some kind of spam message, Nlah Ransomware enters the system. Unlike other viruses, the ransomware does not infect the system as a whole. They affect only files. All your files will become inactive. Virus developers are considered to be scammers, because in addition to infection, they deceive users by luring them with decryption tools. Developers lure users to buy these tools, claiming that this is the only way out of the situation. Users believe in this and buy, not suspecting that they are being deceived, extorting money. Often enough you will not get any help. This is the lie. Do not succumb to the tricks of scammers, remove Nlah Ransomware right now. READ MORE

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