How to remove Tkoinprz ransomware

tkoinprz ransomware

What is Heroes of the Storm ransomware?

Tkoinprz ransomware is a virus from the ransomware family. Programs of this kind are designed to encrypt files. Tkoinprz ransomware is no exception, it blocks files using the “.tkoinprz” extension. An extension is appended to file names to mark them as invalid files. They cannot be opened and used. READ MORE

How to remove AIM ransomware

aim ransomware

What is AIM ransomware?

AIM ransomware is a malicious program that has the type of infection of a typical ransomware. AIM ransomware like all ransomware encrypts documents on the victim’s computer and adds the “.aim” extension to them. Files with this extension are unusable READ MORE

How to remove FDFK22 ransomware

remove fdfk22 ransomware

What is FDFK22 ransomware?

FDFK22 ransomware is a perilous malware program that belongs to the Matrixransomware family. This site is designed to prevent access to files by encryption. FDFK22 ransomware enters the system illegally and scans the necessary files in the system in order to encrypt these files later. The extension “.FDFK22” is added to the names of all blocked files. READ MORE

How to remove Wannacry (Xorist) ransomware

wannacry xorist ransomware

What is Wannacry (Xorist) ransomware?

Wannacry (Xorist) belongs to the Xorist ransomware family. Viruses of this family are designed to illegally enter the device in order to block all important files. Encryption occurs after all files have been scanned. Virus renames each locked file by adding the extension “.wannacry” and then displays a ransom note in a pop-up window: READ MORE

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