How to remove Termit ransomware

termit ransomware

What is Termit ransomware ?

Termit is a program that is named ransomware because of the method of infection. Virus encrypts files in order to later demand money for them. Termit renames files by adding the extension “.termit”. After the end of the encryption process, Termit ransomware creates a ransom note and sends it to the desktop and to each daddy with encrypted files READ MORE

How to remove BNFD ransomware

bnfd ransomware

What is BNFD ransomware?

This site belongs to the category of computer ransomware. Method of infecting a device is similar for ransomware (see also Peace ransomware, Exploit ransomware, Lalaland ransomware). BNFD ransomware enters the system through spam messages and involves users. Users click on these messages and, suspecting, launch a virus into their device. After infiltration, files are infected. BNFD ransomware searches for important files on device and blocks them, restricts access. The extension “.BNFD” is appended to encrypted files. READ MORE

How to remove Exploit ransomware

exploit ransomware

What is Exploit ransomware?

Exploit ransomware is a virus that secretly enters the system and encrypts files, changing the name of each encrypted file to add the extension “.exploit”. After all important files are blocked, virus creates the file “! INFO.HTA “ in which there is a ransom note: READ MORE

How to remove Lalaland ransomware

lalaland ransomware

What is Lalaland ransomware?

Lalaland is a dangerous virus that has the features of a computer ransomware. Systems infected with this application are subject to data loss by encrypting files with the infected algorithm. Lalaland ransomware blocks access to files by adding the extension “.lalaland” and issues ransom demands for decryption tools so that you can use files again. READ MORE

How to remove Aieou ransomware

remove aieou ransomware

What is Aieou ransomware?

Aieou is a ransomware malware. Aieou belongs to this category because its main goal is to deceive money from victims. It extorts money by encrypting files and blackmailing them to decrypt them. During the encryption process, the extension “.aieou” is appended to file names. File with this extension cannot be opened because it is blocked using a special infection algorithm. After completing this process, virus displays a ransom note – “README.txt” and dumps it into folders with infected files: READ MORE

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