How to remove Ahegao Ransomware

aхегао ransomware

What Is Ahegao Ransomware?

This is a well-known ransomware that secretly encrypts files and then displays a note on the receipt of the decryption key for a certain amount of money. Of course, user does not know that the source of the infection and the creators of this note are the same developers. Under guise of this note, the developers want to offer you paid help, although they actually infected your system and are trying to trick money into it. Users must pay $ 50 in bitcoins to specified wallet address. After 72 hours, the key will be deleted and it will no longer be possible to decrypt files. As a result, by deceiving developers, you will lose both money and files. Get rid of infection, remove Ahegao Ransomware. READ MORE

How to remove Dec Ransomware

remove dec ransomware

What Is Dec Ransomware?

This is a malicious ransomware that aims to steal money fraudulently. Dec Ransomware infects the system and locks the files, and then sends a message stating that to clear the infection and to return the files, you need to go to developers address and send a certain amount of money to the decryption key. But our goal is to warn you that scammers cheat users and steal your money. That is, after payment, developers will disappear, but the infection will continue. We provide you with tools to effectively remove Dec Ransomware to get rid of infection problems. READ MORE

How to remove Taargo Ransomware

remove taargo ransomware

What Is Taargo Ransomware?

Developers created Taargo Ransomware to deceive extortion of money through blackmail. The object of blackmail is the files. This virus blocks files so that you can no longer open them. After infection, Taargo Ransomware sends a note requesting to inform users about the decryption method. According to the developers, you can return your files by paying money for decryption tools. Developers of this program are real scammers. Fraudsters are focused on extorting money. You will send money to developers, after which they will hide with your money and will not provide you files. Remove Taargo Ransomware to prevent further infection. READ MORE

How to remove Lalo Ransomware

lalo ransomware

What Lalo ransomware?

This is note by infected virus. In it developers inform users that it is necessary to go to a specific address in order to pay money for decryption. To decrypt files, you need to pay money for a unique decryption key. Unfortunately, Lalo Ransomware most often deceives users. Developers do not send decryption tools to victims after your payment. Therefore, you will lose both money and files. To avoid this situation, remove Lalo Ransomware. READ MORE

How to remove Bug Ransomware

remove bug ransomware

What Is Bug Ransomware?

This is a virus ransomware file. Bug Ransomware can infiltrate absolutely any browser and encrypt absolutely any file. Virus adds the email address and the extension “.bug” to the file names. The extension means that the file is not available for use. After encryption, Bug Ransomware issues a ransom note. According to developers, you can unlock files using a unique key that you can buy by going to and send money to developers. Developers will in every way force you to buy this key for decryption, claiming that there is no other way out, and all attempts of a different type can further harm your system. Do not believe scammers. As a result, you will be left without money and without your files. The only way out of the situation is to extend Bug Ransomware from the system. READ MORE

How to remove NEMTY REVENUE 3.1

nemty revenue 3.1


This is a virus that infects all important system files. During encryption process, all affected files are changed in the name. The original file name is changed using the “NEMTY” extension. When the encryption process is over, developers will display a note “NEMTY_ [random_string] -DECRYPT.txt READ MORE

How to remove Mikser ransomware

mikser ransomware

What Is Mikser Ransomware?

You will see this message after this virus infects all your files. Files are infected by encrypting the files in the system. That is, all your important files will become inaccessible. The fraud is that the developers promise to help you recover files after your payment, however, this does not happen. Once your money is in the hands of scammers, it will disappear, leaving you with problems. You can get rid of problems only by removing Mikser ransomware. READ MORE

How to remove Aurora ransomware

remove aurora ransomware

What Is Aurora Ransomware?

This is a ransomware that quietly penetrates systems and encrypts frequently used files using the asymmetric encryption algorithm with extension, adding the extension “.Aurora”. Like all ransomware, Aurora ransomware informs users about infection. Developers send victims a file that contains information on how to recover recovered files. If victims want to recover their data, they must contact the developers at the specified address to get a decryption key, for which they require a ransom of $ 100. READ MORE

How to remove Math Ransomware


What Is Math Ransomware?

This is a program that belongs to the Jigsaw Ransomware family. Viruses of this type differ from many other pests in that they are aimed exclusively at system files. The whole system will not suffer so much, but the files you can no longer use. Math Ransomware launches an infectious infection algorithm. All files marked with the “.math” extension are not usable until they are affected by an infected key. READ MORE

How to remove Likud Ransomware

likud ransomware

What Is Likud Ransomware?

This is an Israeli program for encrypting important files of all kinds of browsers. All encrypted files will have the extension “.likud” at the end of the file names. Files are protected by a malicious algorithm, which cannot be eliminated in any way while Likud Ransomware is in the system. However, developers rely on the inexperience of users and deceive them, propose decryption for money. Decryption will not be completed, because developers do not have the ability to unlock files. You will lose both money and files. This situation is serious, so you need to remove Likud Ransomware as soon as possible. READ MORE

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