How to remove BackMamba ransomware

remove blackmamba ransomware

What is BackMamba ransomware?

BackMamba ransomware is a ransomware that encrypts files. Ransomware viruses captures files for blocking and renames these files by adding a specific extension to the file names. BackMamba ransomware differs from a typical ransomware because it only encrypts files but does not rename them. READ MORE

How to remove Gac ransomware

gac ransomware

What is Gac ransomware?

Gac is a ransomware type program. Like other ransomware, the virus secretly penetrates the system and scans files to give access. The “.gac” extension is appended to encrypted files to indicate that the file cannot be opened READ MORE

How to remove cuteRansomware

remove cuteRansomware

What is cuteRansomware?

cuteRansomware is a program designed to encrypt files using a special infection algorithm. cuteRansomware enters the system and begins to block access to a particular file one by one. The “.jgy” extension is added to the encrypted file to mark files that are not available for use READ MORE

How to Remove Omfl (Djvu/STOP) Ransomware

What is Omfl ransomware

Omfl is the latest variant in the Djvu (STOP) ransomware family. The ransomware is usually distributed via sites offering pirated programs and software cracks. Omfl encrypts users’ files and adds a .omfl extension to them. The ransomware drops a ransom note called _readme.txt in every folder with encrypted files. The contents of a ransom note: READ MORE

How to Remove Booa (Djvu/STOP) Ransomware

What is Booa ransomware

A new variant of Djvu (STOP) ransomware that appends .booa extension to encrypted files has been reported. Booa ransomware may end up on a computer after a user installs a pirated version of some program. After installing, the ransomware would encrypt all important files and leave ransom notes called _readme.txt in users’ folders. The contents of a ransom note: READ MORE

How to Remove Igdm (Djvu/STOP) Ransomware

What is Igdm ransomware

Igdm is a new variant of Djvu (STOP) ransomware. Igdm may be downloaded on a computer together with some pirated software or with files from untrustworthy websites. Once inside, Igdm encrypts files on the computer and upends .igdm extensions to those files. The ransomware also drops ransom notes called _readme.txt in folders with encrypted files. The ransom note says: READ MORE

How to remove K2 ransomware

k2 ransomware

What is K2 ransomware?

K2 ransomware is a malicious application called ransomware because of the way it gets infected. Virus acts in such a way that it enters the system secretly (via spam messages) and then starts scanning important files. Files will be blocked by a special algorithm that a virus enters into READ MORE

How to remove .help (VoidCrypt) ransomware

remove valerie adware virus

What is .help (VoidCrypt) ransomware?

.help (VoidCrypt) ransomware is the name of a program belonging to the ransomware family. If your device is infected with ransomware, your files will be encrypted. Virus, like other typical ransomware, finds important files on the system and renames them using an extension. The virus uses the extension “.help” to mark the virus as unavailable. Once infected, the virus creates a ransom note – “! INFO.HTA “: READ MORE

How to remove NORD ransomware

how to remove nord ransomware

What is NORD ransomware?

NORD is named ransomware because its method and motive of infection is aimed at extorting money from victims by fraudulent means. After entering the system, virus starts scanning files. Important files found on the device are encrypted. A sign that this or that file is blocked by this extension at the end of the file name. At the end of the file name the extension “.NORD” is displayed, which indicates that the file is not available for opening READ MORE

How to remove Fair ransomware

fair ransomware

What is Fair ransomware?

Fair ransomware belongs to the type of ransomware. Like all computer ransomware, virus encrypts files found on the device and renames all encrypted files by adding the extension “.fair”. Fair ransomware renames encrypted files to mark the affected files as inaccessible for opening READ MORE

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