How to remove Ahmed Minegames ransomware

ahmed- minegames ransomware

What is Ahmed Minegames ransomware?

This ransomware encrypts important files found on the victim’s device and encrypts them for further blackmail. Blackmail starts after the end of encryption when the virus displays a pop-up window asking for a password to decrypt them. Unlike other ransomware, the virus does not rename locked files, file names remain unchanged READ MORE

How to remove Jdyi ransomware

jdyi ransomware

What is Jdyi ransomware?

This is a dangerous program designed to infect all types of browser on any device. Jdyi ransomware enters devices through spam messages. Scammers lure victims with interesting messages to open messages. When Jdyi ransomware enters the system, it launches an infection algorithm that blocks files with the “.jdyi” extension added READ MORE

How to remove System Damaged ransomware

system damaged ransomware

What is System Damaged ransomware?

System Damaged ransomware is malware for all types of browsers. System Damaged was called ransomware because it infiltrates the system in order to deceive money. This virus encrypts files and offers deceptive decryption for 5 BTC (Bitcoin cryptocurrency).
Firstly, virus scans files and blocks them. To mark unavailable files, the virus adds the extension “.system_damaged_payment_must_be_done_in _maxim_24_hours_or_your_encryption_key_will_be_deleted_forver” to the file names. After the files are marked with this extension, they cannot be opened READ MORE

How to remove MARS ransomware

remove mars ransomware

What is MARS ransomware?

MARS ransomware encrypts xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, odt, ods, pdf, dwg, psd, dbf, fpt, ​​php, cdr, mdb and accdb files without notifying and allowing victims and changes names of the encrypted files to added extension “.mars”. For example, the name “my songs” will get the name “my songs.mars”. You will no longer be able to use files with this extension READ MORE

How to remove PAY IN 24 HOURS ransomware

pay in 24 hours ransomware

What is PAY IN 24 HOURS ransomware?

PAY IN 24 HOURS ransomware is a malicious program from the Xorist family. The main purpose of this virus is to encrypt files and demand a ransom for decryption tools. During the encryption process, the extension “…. PAY_IN_MAXIM_24_HOURS_OR_ALL_YOUR_FILES_WILL_BE_PERMANENTLY_DELETED _PLEASE_BE_REZONABLE_you_have_only_1_single_chance_to_payment_payment_payment_payment_payment. Users will not be able to open and use the file while the extension is present in the file. If you try to undo the extension and remove it, problems may arise. READ MORE

How to remove ZaLtOn ransomware

zalyon ransomware

What is ZaLtOn ransomware?

ZaLtOn is a ransomware that enters the system through spam messages. The opening of such messages leads to the introduction of viruses. ZaLtOn scans important files and blocks them so as not to give a pass to use. Virus encrypts files using a special algorithm with “.ZaLtOn” extension. Files with such an extension are not available for opening. After infection, virus displays a message: READ MORE

How to remove remove YUFL ransomware

yufl ransomware

What is YUFL ransomware?

YUFL is a ransomware created by scammers to illegally extort money through blackmail. YUFL ransomware infects important files on the system to make them inaccessible and then developers blackmail the victims with these files. Due to the restriction of access to files (documents, images, video, audio), scammers try to force victims to buy decryption. Encrypted files have the extension “.[] .YUFL” in filename READ MORE

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