How to Remove 1-888-535-7102 Windows Customer Support Pop-up

How to stop 18885357102 pop-up window

What Is 1-888-535-7102 Pop-up?

A Programs and Features windows pops up as soon as Windows loads, stating an error and urging you to call 18885357102 phone number. That is of course not a real number for Windows Customer Support and the pop-up window is caused by a PUP (potentially unwanted program) installed on your PC. The person on the other end of the line will try to convince you to buy overpriced software and will probably infect your PC will malware if you let them remotely access it. In truth, to stop 1-888-535-7102 pop-up window, you will need to find and uninstall the program responsible and remove the corresponding entry from the list of programs that launch at Windows startup, or use an anti-malware app. READ MORE

How to Remove System Healer

How to get rid of System Healer error warnings

What Is System Healer?

System Healer is advertised as a PC optimizer that uses new, advanced technologies and surpasses all other optimizing tools. Many computer users who have System Healer on their PCs are not so happy to have it though. System Healer often pops up with notifications about system errors and prompts users to upgrade to the paid version. The errors often are not even real and and the notifications are intended to scare the users into buying the program. If your PC is affected and you wish to uninstall System Healer, please refer to the removal guide below. READ MORE

How to Remove Security Defender

Security Defender

What Is Security Defender?

Security Defender (or Defender Pro 2015) is a fake antivirus that imitates Microsoft’s own antivirus utilities, Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender. Once it gets inside a computer, Security Defender starts to show a lot of alerts about suspicious behavior, “finds” dangerous viruses during scans and prompts the user to buy Defender Pro 2015 to get rid of found threats. In reality, Security Defender is the threat here, and you shouldn’t believe its claims. The sooner you uninstall Security Defender, the better. READ MORE

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