How to Block YouTube Ads on Android

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YouTube is the most popular video hosting site with millions of active users visiting it every month. YouTube makes money by showing ads before or during its videos. Some of that money goes to content makers that create and share their videos. However, ads on YouTube may be aggressive and irritating. While on a computer you would use an ad blocker on your browser that, depending on the ad blocker, may remove ads from YouTube videos, YouTube app for Android won’t let you do the same. This article describes several ways to watch YouTube videos on Android without ads. READ MORE

How to remove BoostSelect from Mac


What Is BoostSelect?

This is a virus that is designed to infect Mac devices. Infection comes from the introduction of advertisements. Advertisements will appear periodically. Due to constant advertising, it will be inconvenient for you to work on the Internet, because ads will block the information on the screen, and you can accidentally click on these advertisements and go to malicious sites. By going to these sites, the system is attacked by infections. Do not let BoostSelect destroy your Mac, remove this virus. READ MORE

How to remove

What is

While itself is a legitimate search engine, a third-party browser hijacker may redirect you to it against your wishes. This application penetrates systems without user consent. It discreetly changes browser settings and tracks personal information and online activities. hijacker may shows intrusive ads that slow down the system. In addition to slowing down, may be able to steal user`s personal data and transfer them to others for money. Do not let fraudsters steal your data and slow down the system. Remove browser hijacker from your computer. READ MORE

How to remove Nemty Special Edition ransomware

nemty special edition

What is Nemty Special Edition ransomware

Nemty Special Edition ransomware encrypts files using a malicious algorithm. After infection, this virus makes all files inaccessible. Further, Nemty Special Edition ransomware tries to prove to the victims that the files can be returned by purchasing tools from the developers. In fact, an offer to buy an instrument is misleading.Developers will steal your money and will not give help. This means that you will be left without files and lose money. Remove Nemty Special Edition ransomware from your device as soon as possible. READ MORE

How to remove Fantasic Movies hijacker

fantasic movies

What is Fantasic Movies?

Fantasic Movies breaks into browsers by promoting a fake search engine and changing system settings. This virus also collects personal data in order to profit from their sale. Infection occurs through the introduction of advertisements. These ads slow down the system. You cannot undo these changes yourself. To clean your system, remove Fantasic Movies . READ MORE

How to remove Qewe Ransomware

qewe ransomware

What Is Qewe Ransomware?

Qewe Ransomware is a malware of the Djvu Ransomware family. Systems infected with the virus lose important files because this virus encrypts files and makes them inaccessible for viewing and use. After encryption, the virus sends users a note demanding a ransom for decrypting the files. All affected files have extension “.qewe”. Developers will argue that the only way out of this situation is to pay developers to decrypt your files. We hasten to upset you that developers are not able to decrypt files, therefore you will lose both money and files. We advise you to remove Qewe Ransomware as soon as possible. READ MORE

How to remove RecipeFox hijacker


What is RecipeFox?

RecipeFox hijacker is designed to promote a fake search engine by changing browser settings, collecting data and implementing advertisements. Most often, users download and install such applications unintentionally. Unfortunately, after you allow this virus enters your system, you will not be able to control all changes in settings of your system. You will also be annoyed by persistent advertisements that will slow down your computer. RecipeFox hijacker will monitor your work on the Internet to steal your confidential data. To avoid further infection, remove this virus. READ MORE

How to remove

What is ? promotes malicious content through introduction of advertisements. You will see abundant advertising, which at first glance will not mess up your computer, although in fact advertising adversely affects the system’s performance. Redirecting victims to other malicious pages will also adversely affect. The more clicks and views the ads collect, the more profit developers will receive and the worse your system will work. Unfortunately, you can click on ads and follow links inadvertently, but accidentally, because pop-ups will appear absolutely everywhere and even sometimes suddenly. This will be very hindering.Fortunately, there is a way! We present you effective virus removal instructions. See below. READ MORE

How to remove Waiting ransomware

waiting ransomware

What Is Waiting ransomware?

Waiting ransomware is the name of a malware program that has signs of a virus ransomware. What does it mean? Waiting ransomware was called ransomware because it extorts money from users and fraudulently. It infects your files, making them inaccessible for use, and then begins to offer decryption options for money READ MORE

How to remove Love$ Ransomware

love ransomware

What Is Love$ Ransomware?

This is a virus ransomware that under the guidance of an infectious algorithm, encrypts important files on your system and renames them, adding a new extension “.love$”. Developers send an email address to so that users can contact them. Users receive a ransom note. By going to developers’ address, the victims receive instructions on paying money for decryption tools. Following the instructions of developers, users send money so that the developers send them tools to decrypt the files. However, victims often complain that they don’t receive any tools, but on the contrary, the computer starts to work worse and worse.To protect your computer from money laundering, remove Love$ Ransomware. READ MORE

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