How to remove IStreamingSearch browser hijacker

istreamingsearch browser hijacker

What Is IStreamingSearch?

IStreamingSearch is a browser hijacker. It makes changes to the settings of any browser that you can use. IStreamingSearch browser hijacker is making changes to promote the fake search engine . The modified search engine directs victim`s requests to a page with the address instead of the designated one and tracks user data (passwords, geolocation, logins, etc.) to monetize this. Tracking the habitual actions of users on the Internet helps fraudsters to display fake ads that will be of interest to the user and he will click on it. READ MORE

How to remove MySearchConverter browser hijacker

remove mysearchconverter browser hijacker

What Is MySearchConverter?

MySearchConverter is a hijacker virus. It sneaks into the system and infiltrates the settings to completely change them. After changing the settings, other changes in the work on the device will follow. For example, each subsequent request entered in the search engine will be sent to the page . This is a fake search engine that MySearchConverter promotes to control the actions of the victims. READ MORE

How to remove SmartPDFConverterSearch browser hijacker

get rid of smartpdfconvertersearch browser hijacker

What Is SmartPDFConverterSearch?

This computer pest has the features of a computer hijacker. Computer hijackers are a type of virus that secretly infiltrates the system and alters browser settings to control user actions. SmartPDFConverterSearch browser hijacker promotes a fake search engine by modifying certain browser settings. When you enter a query in a search engine, you will be redirected to a page with the address in the search bar in the left corner READ MORE

How to remove

What Is is an adware type virus that changes browser settings and opens unwanted programs. Various advertisements appear in a new browser window or tab every time you browse the Internet. Ads overlap relevant information on the screen to force victims to click on pop-ups. Clicks on ads cause redirects to dangerous pages. READ MORE

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