How to remove ScareCrow ransomware

ScareCrow ransom note:

ScareCrow encrypted your files!

To restore contact us in telegram(





This is the end of the note. Below you will find a guide explaining how to remove ScareCrow ransomware.

What is ScareCrow ransomware?

ScareCrow is a malicious program that locks your files and demands money for unlocking them. In more technical terms, it encrypts the data on your computer. This category of viruses is known as ransomware.
This ransomware program also renames the files after encrypting them. This is very common; the hackers don’t want their attack to be dismissed as a computer glitch, because no one will pay them in this case. So they want to make it clear that the computer was hacked. ScareCrow achieves this by giving the encrypted files .CROW file extension.
The virus also creates a ransom note, a text file called “readme.txt”. You can read it on the image above, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t say much. The hackers simply mention their contact information and the ID assigned to the victim.
Because of this, it is not possible to know how much money the hackers want without contacting them. But this is not a good idea; this way, the hackers will learn that you’re an actual human and will try to attack your computer more frequently.
As an alternative, you can remove ScareCrow ransomware and decrypt .CROW files without messaging the hackers. The guide below will explain the procedure.

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