How to remove Foza ransomware

What is Foza ransomware?

Foza is a computer virus designed to encrypt all files on infected computers and demand money for the decryption. As encrypted files cannot be accessed, this is similar to holding the victim’s files ransom; thus, this kind of viruses is known as ransomware.
Foza is not a unique virus in any way; as a part of the STOP/Djvu family, it was made using a template, and shares many similarities with other STOP viruses as a result. For example, ransom notes distributed with these viruses are all pretty much the same. They contain the same text and the same demands (980 USD), though the hackers’ contact information does, sometimes, change. You can read the full text of the note on the image above, if you want.
Since STOP/Djvu viruses are nearly identical, you have only one way of identifying this ransomware – checking the extension. In case of Foza virus, the encrypted files will have .foza file extension.
If your computer has been infected with Foza ransomware, you have several ways to recover the files. Since the hackers are obviously untrustworthy, it’s best to avoid paying them (they might not decrypt your files even after payment). Instead, learn about alternative ways to remove Foza ransomware and decrypt .foza files by reading our guide.

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