How to remove Qopz ransomware

What is Qopz ransomware?

Qopz is a new virus that operates under the ransomware principle; it encrypts your files and demands payment to decrypt them. Often, ransomware programs also install additional viruses, such as keyloggers and information stealers. Whether Qopz does so or not is unknown; it may depend on how the computer was infected.
Still, we do know quite a lot about this virus. It belongs to the STOP/Djvu ransomware family, and is similar to other such viruses as a result. It creates a ransom note called “_readme.txt”, which contains the hackers’ demands. It can be read on the image above, though this is unnecessary; we will summarize it in the next paragraph.
The hackers want $980 to decrypt the files. As a way to pressure the victim into paying, they also offer a 50% discount which only lasts 3 days after encryption. This is fairly expensive, so you may be wondering whether there’s another way to remove Qopz ransomware and decrypt .qopz files.
Well, wonder no further, because we are here to tell you – there is. In fact, there are several different methods which may be able to restore your files. Read the guide below to learn about them.

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