Best Ways to Run Windows Programs on a Mac

how to run windows programs on macos

Many Mac users find themselves in need of Windows-only programs sometimes. Maybe you started working remotely and need to use a specific program that only runs on Windows, maybe you bought a Macbook and cannot find a Mac replacement for some of your preferred software, or you wish to play a game that is only available for Windows. Regardless of your reasons, several options exist for opening Windows programs on macOS. READ MORE

How to Turn Off Notifications From Websites

a screenshot of a site asking to show notifications
A site tries to convince users to allow its notifications

All of us encountered sites asking us to subscribe to their notifications. While that can be a useful functionality in some cases (when an email provider is informing us of new emails, for example), most of the time notifications from websites are superfluous and not especially useful. There are also sites that try to force users into turning on their notifications and using these notifications to later spam users with questionable links, ads for shady sites, prompts to download fake software updates, and so on. READ MORE

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