How to Remove

delete Top Search virus (

What Is is a search engine that may appear on your browser if you have a browser hijacker installed. A browser hijacker is a piece of software that can alter the default search engine, Start Page or New Tab Page of a browser to promote a specific site. Some browser hijackers also collect data from browsers (like users’ browsing history) and use it to show those users ads based on their interests. READ MORE

How to Remove From Mac

Search By Movie Finder 365 virus removal from mac os x

What Is

If started opening on new tabs of your browser, or your searches started getting redirected to and then to Yahoo, that is likely a result of Search By MovieFinder365 software getting installed on your computer. A piece of software that changes browsers’ homepage or default search engine against users’ wishes is called a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are created to bring more people to search engines they promote, to boost ad revenue for the search engines. Other than changing settings, some hijackers keep track of users’ browsing activity and show them ads based on their browsing history or search history. READ MORE

How to remove Take mytab browser hijacker

take mytab browser

What Is Take mytab browser hijacker?

Take mytab is a virus that infects the system like a browser hijacker. It changes the browser settings to promote the fake search engine to redirect victims to pages promoted by virus. Every request you make goes to without warning. This page is accompanied by advertisements and downloads of some applications without your consent. All this leads to a slowdown in the system. Hijacker monitors user`s online activities in order to collect personal data about them and sell them to other scammers. If your personal data falls into the hands of fraudsters, then your financial data may also suffer, this is dangerous READ MORE

How to remove PDF Mighty

pdf mighty

What Is PDF Mighty?

PDF Mighty is the name of a dangerous app for all types of browser. Experts classify it as advertising applications because the main object of device infection is advertisements in the form of polls, banners, coupons. This virus infiltrates the system and displays annoying advertisements throughout your browsing experience. Even if you close your browser tab, pop-ups will still attack your device READ MORE

How to Remove From Mac

Searches Network virus removal from mac os x

What Is is a fake search engine that redirects all searches to, and other actual search engines. If your Chrome or Safari browser started redirecting your search queries to all of a sudden, you likely have a browser hijacker installed on your Macbook. READ MORE

How to Remove From Mac

Pruden Search - Advanced search virus removal from mac os x

What Is

If your Chrome or Safari browser redirects your searches to Pruden Search ( and then to Bing, Webcrawler or another search engine, that is a result of a browser hijacker getting installed on your Mac. A browser hijacker is a piece of software that alters browsers’ Start Page, New Tab Page or default search engine and stops users from changing those to something else. In this case the hijacker is a browser extension called PrudenSearch – Advanced search, however the hijacker may also add a new profile on your Mac so that your Chrome becomes “managed by your organization” and PrudenSearch becomes unremovable. READ MORE

How to remove OptimumSearch(S) browser hijacker

remove optimumsearch s browser hijacker

What Is OptimumSearch(S)?

If you enter the query you need in your usual search engine and it takes you to the page and this site opens every time you start the browser, it means that OptimumSearch(S) program is installed on your computer. OptimumSearch(S) is a browser hijacker that alters the search engine and start page without the user’s knowledge to redirect it to dangerous promoted pages each time READ MORE

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