How to Remove Virus removal

What Is Youndoo?

Youndoo is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that changes your default search and new tab page to and displays advertisement in your browsers. If you are wondering how Youndoo ended up on your computer, most likely that happened when you downloaded and installed some freeware from the Internet. Developers of free software and freeware sites generate their income by adding junkware to the packages with their programs; many users aren’t aware of this or don’t know how to avoid installing junkware. To get rid of search and start page, just follow this removal guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Virus site

What Is Maniihome? browser hijacker takes control of your browser settings and sets your start tab and search engine to, counteracting your attempts to change them. site is not a search engine in itself and just redirects you to results from other search providers (like when you enter search queries. If Maniihome hijacked your Chrome, Opera, Firefox or IE and you wish to delete from your start page and default search settings, this page describes how to do it. READ MORE

How to Remove Virus site

What Is is advertised as a privacy-oriented search engine that doesn’t record your search history. If new tabs in your browsers open to and entered search queries redirect you to the same site, that means Search Incognito got installed on your PC. That probably happened when you installed freeware from the Internet: free software often comes with potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) included in their installers, and if users don’t pay attention they end up installing the PUPs too. You can follow this removal guide to get rid of on your Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera. READ MORE

Remove Ads by 22

Ad by 22

What Is Ad by 22?

If webpages in your browsers are peppered with green text links that, when you hover a cursor over them, display “Click to Continue > by 22” buttons or “Ad by 22” ads, your browsers are infected with “Ads by 22” adware. Adware programs can specifically aim at displaying ads, coupons and deals and have no other functions, or they can be actually useful programs that also make ads appear in browsers. Now, usually finding the app that causes ads is not that hard: just look for recently installed programs and add-ons. However, sometimes the app behaves perfectly normal for a long time but after receiving one of the updates turns into adware. This can often be the case with Ads by 22. If you encountered such ads and want to delete Ads by 22 adware from your PC, this removal guide is designed to help you. READ MORE

How to Remove iDeals Shopping Optimizer

iDeals Shopping Optimizer

What Is iDeals Shopping Optimizer?

iDeals Shopping Optimizer causes ads and redirects in web-browsers. It is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is distributed as optional software offered when you install free programs. If you are not careful while installing freeware you might end up getting iDeals Shopping Optimizer or other PUPs installed on your computer. Once inside, this app starts displaying ads in your browsers, redirecting you to different sites when you click on links, and opening new tabs every now and then. This page contains instructions on how to stop the ads and redirects and delete iDeals Shopping Optimizer from your PC. READ MORE

How to Remove Redirects redirect

What Is redirects might start in your browsers after you install software from a freeware website. If you don’t pay close attention during installation – agree to quick or express installation, click Next without reading the text first, don’t uncheck optional programs, etc – these optional programs end up on your PC. If one of the programs is adware, soon after your browsers start to be redirected to site and show you advertisements every time you click on links. If this has happened to your computer and you want to get rid of redirects in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE, this step-by-step guide is designed to help you. READ MORE

How to Remove Ads by Advertise

An ad by Advertise

What Is Ads by Advertise?

If you encounter ads captioned “Ad by Advertise” while browsing the web, your computer has been infected with adware. Ads by Advertise can take the form of pop-ups or random words turned into links, you also might be redirected to an advertising page after clicking on a regular link. The ads prompt you to install various questionable software and promote paid subscriptions to shady sites. If this happens on your computer and you want to get rid of ads by Advertise, please follow this removal guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Hijacker site

What Is Hijacker?

If your start page and default search have changed to, and you cannot change them back, that means a browser hijacker got installed on your computer. Most likely it happened when you installed a video downloader, a game or some other software downloaded for free from the Internet. At some point during the installation there was probably a marked checkbox with a caption along the lines of “Set as my new tab page and default search”. If you hadn’t unchecked the box, browser hijacker got installed on your PC. To remove from Chrome, IE, Firefox or Opera, you can follow this step-by-step guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Uncheckit


What Is Uncheckit?

Uncheckit is pretty similar to Unchecky both in name and functionality: it removes checkmarks from checkboxes when you install something, preventing junkware from getting installed along with the program you wanted. However, unlike Unchecky, Uncheckit is ad-supported, so its users have to see advertisements by Uncheckit in web-browsers if they use the program. The ads can be pretty annoying, especially video ones that you cannot close right away. If you try uninstalling Uncheckit, you may encounter difficulties, as the program is always running in the background (and you can’t uninstall a running program). This step-by-step guide describes how to rid of Uncheckit despite that. READ MORE

How to Remove GamesFlight Ads site

What Is GamesFlight?

GamesFlight is a potentially unwanted program that can get installed on a user’s computer without his or her knowledge. It happens when the user installs freeware downloaded off the Internet and doesn’t decline installation of optional software. GamesFlight app allows users to play games on website, but users, in turn, have to see advertisements by GamesFlight when they use the Internet. The ads by GamesFlight can take the form of in-text links or video ads, and also can appear on new tab page. If you are tired of seeing these ads in your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, this page contains directions to delete GamesFlight from your PC. READ MORE

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