How to Remove NowUSeeIt Player

NowUSeeIt Player

What Is NowUSeeIt Player?

NowUSeeIt Player is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that can get installed on your computer together with free software from the web or, for example, with a Java update. NowUSeeIt Player is a video player to watch videos from popular online platforms like Youtube and Vimeo without any browser. The downside of using NowUSeeIt Player though is constant ads appearing on webpages you visit. The ads might lead you to not so reliable online stores or get you to install questionable software. NowUSeeIt Player keeps track of your browsing activity (pages visited, bookmarks created, etc) and uses these data to customize the ads. Later the data can be transferred to third-party advertising companies. All in all, the sooner you uninstall NowUSeeIt Player, the better. READ MORE

How to Remove eTogether


What Is eTogether?

eTogether browser hijacker might enter your computer when you download and install software from a freeware website. Installing freeware from these sites is a minefield: if you select Express installation (chosen by default) and rush through the installation process without reading fine print, several junkware programs will get installed and your browser settings will get changed. eTogether hijacker will alter your Google Chrome start page, new tab page and default search engine and might redirect you to sites with inappropriate content. Below you can find directions to remove eTogether from your PC. READ MORE

How to Remove TrumpKard Ads

TrumpKard adware

What Is TrumpKard?

TrumpKard is an application that is advertised to prevent any specified content (like political news, celebrity gossip, movie spoilers, etc) from appearing on web-pages you open. That may be a useful function for some people, however the downside of having TrumpKard installed is annoying ads appearing in web-browsers. In order to show ads you are more likely to click on, TrumpKard keeps records of your Internet activity and selects ads related to the content you looked at. If you have these ads and wish to remove TrumpKard from your computer, look below to find out how. READ MORE

How to Remove SysSecure

SysSecure by Hahomedia

What Is SysSecure?

SysSecure, developed by Hahomedia, is a potentially unwanted program whose main purpose is to display ads in web-browsers. SysSecure may appear on your PC after you install software from a free download site. Freeware from such sites often comes with “optional” programs that end up getting installed if you don’t pay attention and don’t decline them. Ads by SysSecure take the form of banners and video ads, and sometimes random words on a page turned into links. To get rid of SysSecure ads, please follow this removal guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Hoopla Search redirect

What Is Hoopla Search?

HooplaSearch is adware and a browser hijacker that can get into your PC when you download and install software for free. HooplaSearch changes your browser homepage to and your default search provider to HooplaSearch also injects ads labeled Related Search by HooplaSearch into search result pages and makes pop-up ads appear when you browse the web. If you encountered such ads and redirects and want to remove Hoopla Search from your computer, this step-by-step guide is designed to help you. READ MORE

How to Remove Social2Search Ads

Social2Search website

What Is Social2Search?

Social2Search is an adware program that can get installed on your computer along with some other software that you downloaded for free. Social2Search is a search engine that can search through content which your friends on social networking sites liked or shared. That being said, Social2Search shows multiple ads in your browsers, labeled Social2Search Ads, Ads by Social2Search or Ads powered by Social2Search. Social2Search also collects information such as your IP-address, your search queries, web-pages you visited and use it to display customized ads. The ads themselves can be misleading and get you to download suspicious software. Read below if you want to find out how to uninstall Social2Search and get its ads out of your browsers. READ MORE

How to Remove Hijacker redirect

What Is Hijacker? redirects are a result of a browser hijacker changing your browser settings. hijacker sets your homepage, new tab page and default search engine to, counteracting your attempts to change them back. If you want to delete browser hijacker from your computer, just follow this removal guide. READ MORE

How to Remove Hijacker redirect

What Is Hijacker?

If your homepage and startpage changed to, and your searches are directed to that search engine too, that means browser hijacker has got into your PC. This hijacker alters your browser settings and doesn’t allow you to change them back. The search provider in question is not as good as popular providers such as Google or Bing, and it is full of ads that are barely distinguishable from genuine search results. If you wish to get rid of redirects, this article describes how to achieve that. READ MORE

How to Remove Swiki Ads

Swiki adware

What Is Swiki?

Swiki (or Search Wiki) is a browser plugin that lets you get search results from multiple search engines and social networks at once. The downside of using it, however, is ads of all types following you as you browse the web. Another drawback is information gathering: Swiki collects data such as your IP address, pages you visited, web-searches you performed. This information is used primarily to generate customized ads, but it can also be handed over to third-party companies to use for their own purposes. If you want to get rid of the ads and uninstall Swiki from your PC, this article is designed to help you with that. READ MORE

How to Remove Hijacker

What Is OZIP?

If your searches are redirected to, and new tabs open to that page too, that means OZIP browser hijacker got installed on your PC. OZIP is promoted as a powerful data compression tool, and it can get installed together with some free software from the Internet. In practice, once installed, OZIP alters your browser settings to direct you to and prevents you from changing them back. To find out how to delete OZIP hijacker and get rid of redirects, just follow this step-by-step guide. READ MORE

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