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How to stop redirects

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Browser new tab page, home page and search engine changed to would mean that browser hijacker has sneaked onto your PC. hijacker takes control of these browser settings and doesn’t let you change them. It can also disable your ad-blocking extensions and make new tab with ads appear when you use the Internet. page looks like a search engine but it isn’t one: search queries you enter get you redirected to results from Google. That might confuse people and make them think their default search setting is fine (if they used Google prior to the change). You can follow this step-by-step guide to get rid of READ MORE

How to Remove Toppypop Ads

How to stop ads by Toppypop

What Is Toppypop?

Toppypop is advertised as an extension that allows users to navigate pages easier and move to the top from any part of the page with one click. This doesn’t seem as a particularly useful function, and if you consider that Toppypop generates ads of various types when the users browse the web, keeping this program is not worth the trouble. Ads by Toppypop might prompt users to leave their contact information and receive special offers and discounts; doing that may lead, in the best case, to the users getting spam. Toppypop also keeps records of the users’ Internet activity: pages viewed, search queries entered, software installed and so on. If you wish to delete Toppypop from your PC, please read the instructions below. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to stop redirects

What Is browser hijacker takes over default search, start page and homepage in your browser so that you cannot change them back. This software probably got installed on your computer together with some program or game that you downloaded off the Internet for free. itself offers to get you search results from social media sites (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook) as well as results from the search engine Bing. Apart from altering your browser settings, hijacker may show ads or prompt you to download some software. You can follow the removal guide below to get rid of in your browsers. READ MORE

How to Remove Unfriend Monitor Ads

How to stop ads by Unfriend Monitor

What Is Unfriend Monitor?

Unfriend Monitor, as the name suggests, allows users to know when their Facebook friends unfriend them. A lot of people would like to have such an app, however not everyone is willing to put up with ads this application displays in their browsers. As a free program, Unfriend Monitor generates income for its creators via advertising. Also, some users find out Unfriend Monitor and its ads on their computer even though these users never installed this program, as far as they are aware. However way the app turned up on your computer, you can follow this removal guide if you want to uninstall Unfriend Monitor. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to get rid of

What Is redirects are caused by a browser hijacker: it sets browser start page, homepage and search engine to that site and intefers with users’ attempts to change these settings. also alters browser shortcuts to make the browsers always open to its page. site doesn’t use its own search engine and refers to Google Custom Search to generate search results. If you wish to remove hijacker from your PC, please follow the instructions below. READ MORE

How to Remove

How to stop redirects

What Is

Homepage, new tab page and default search set to would mean that a browser hijacker got installed on the computer. hijacker takes control of these browser settings and prevents users from changing them. page is supposed to be a search engine, however search results you get from it are full of ads and promoted links. I wouldn’t recommend you to open these links as it is the way a lot of computer infections happen – some ad or link leads to a malicious site that executes a harmful script. You can follow this removal guide to get rid of in your browsers. READ MORE

How to Remove Cooking Up Coupons Ads

How to stop ads by Cooking Up Coupons

What Is Cooking Up Coupons?

If Ads by Cooking Up Coupons started to appear in your browsers, adware has infected your computer. Cooking Up Coupons ads may take various forms: banners, video-ads, random words turned into links, ads in search results and so on. Cooking Up Coupons collects the data of the user: their ID, browser and system information, pages visited and questions asked on search engines. The data is just used for customizing ads, but it also can be shared with third parties. If you wish to get rid of Cooking Up Coupons adware, please read the instructions below. READ MORE

How to Remove On Stage Ads

How to stop ads by On Stage

What Is On Stage Adware?

On Stage attracts users by promising to enhance their video-watching experience: dim all parts of the screen except the video to hide all distracting elements. The downside of using this program is constant ads the users have to deal with while they browse the Internet. On Stage adware also keeps track of users’ Internet-related activity, for example, what sites they visit, and may share this information with third parties. On Stage might negatively affect performance of browsers, make them slower and more prone to crashing. If you’d like to remove On Stage adware from your computer, you can follow instructions on this page. READ MORE

How to Remove DealBarium Ads

How to Stop Ads by DealBarium

What Is DealBarium?

DealBarium offers users to find for them better deals in online stores. However someone might like this functionality though, DealBarium displays behavior that makes most people wish to delete this program from their computers. DealBarium generates ads in browser windows: coupons and deals, banners and pop-ups, and so on. In addition to that, DealBarium collects user’s browsing-related information like URLs visited and search queries entered. DealBarium uses this data to produce more appealing ads for the user; the info can later be sold to other companies. If you have ads by DealBarium on your PC and would like to uninstall DealBarium, please consult this page. READ MORE

How to Remove Search Engage

How to stop redirects

What Is Search Engage?

If your browser start page and default search were set to and you cannot change them, Search Engage browser hijacker got installed on your PC. It likely happened when you installed some video player or other free software from the web. Search Engage is distributed by bundling with such freeware: when you install the program, Search Engage is offered as an extra app and is installed by default if you don’t decline. Search Engage is notoriously hard to delete, as it changes the system’s group policies to become an “Enterprise Installed Extension”. If you’d like to uninstall Search Engage from Google Chrome, please read the instructions below. READ MORE

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