How to Remove Ronzap Ads

What Is Ronzap?

If you see “Ads by Ronzap” while browsing the web, your computer is infected with an adware program. The ads might take various forms: pop-ups, banners, interstitial, random text turned into links and so on. Ads by Ronzap may encourage you to download software or visit certain online-shops; don’t do either if you don’t want to bring more infections to your PC or have your personal or financial information stolen. The removal guide below will help you to uninstall Ronzap from your PC and stop the ads. READ MORE

How to Remove Caster (Wizzcaster.exe)

What Is Caster?

Caster (Wizzcaster) is an adware program that can stealthily get onto your computer and make various advertisements appear on web-pages you visit. Ads by Caster can take the form of banners, sidebars, pop-ups, random text turned into links and so on. The ads might lead you to untrustworthy sites or download malware on your PC, so we won’t recommend you to click on them however alluring these ads might be. The removal guide below will help you to uninstall Caster from your computer.

How Did Caster End up on My PC?

Most likely this occurred when you installed an application from a free download site. Many of these sites add potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) like Caster into their software installers. When a computer user installs that software, PUPs are offered to him as “recommended” products. If the user is not well-versed in the area of freeware installation, they often don’t opt out and thus get PUPs installed on their computer. READ MORE

How to Remove MPC Cleaner and Homepage

How to stop ads by MPC Cleaner

What Is MPC Cleaner? Is It Safe?

MPC Cleaner (or More Powerfull Cleaner) by DotCash Limited is a system optimizer that may have installed on your computer without your participation. MPC Cleaner is supposed to clear your PC of junk and make it run faster. In practice, the computer will become even slower; also, to save system resources, MPC Cleaner may close some applications you work at and cause you to lose important data. This program generates various advertisements in browser windows when you surf the web, while MPC Safe Navigation extension may set your homepage and default search to You can use this removal guide to get rid of MPC Cleaner and its components. READ MORE

How to Remove KNCTR Ads

How to stop ads by KNCTR

What Is KNCTR?

KNCTR from Itibity Inc. is advertised as handy software that allows users to call mobile and landline phones and to access their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as RSS feeds, from inside the program’s window. The downside of using this utility though is constant ads pestering users as they browse the Internet. In addition to that, KNCTR can be harder to delete than most programs, as it launches on start-up and runs in the background – and you cannot uninstall a running program. In truth, removing KNCTR from your computer is not that complicated; you can follow this guide to do it. READ MORE

How to Remove Wajam Ads

How to stop ads by Wajam

What Is Wajam?

Wajam is a browser extension that may end up on your PC after you download an app from the Internet for free. Wajam is supposed to enhance your search results by searching also through your friends’ recommendations on social media sites. Being an adware program, however, Wajam injects advertisements in pages you visit; it can disable some of the browser add-ons you have installed, like ad-blockers. Wajam reconfigures your Internet settings to use a proxy server, so any data that transfers to or from your computer is not safe and can potentially be stolen. Please, read this page if you want to remove Wajam and its ads from your PC. READ MORE

How to Remove and

How to stop and redirects

What Is Hijacker?

If opening homepage or a new tab in your browser brings you to, while entering search queries into search bar or omnibar brings you results from, that means a browser hijacker got control of your browser settings. This hijacker is on of the programs installed on your PC. The culprits is probably QuickPhotoEdit, or it may be some other application by Mindspark Interactive Network. Other then redirecting you to and, QuickPhotoEdit makes you watch video ads, turns random text into advertising links and display other types of ad materials. You may follow this removal guide to get rid of and redirects. READ MORE

How to Remove redirects

How to stop error messages

What Is

You click on a link and see an error message, the URL of which starts with You might be asked for your login and password or other sensitive information. As you probably realized already, the message doesn’t originate from the site you were going to visit and this is in fact an attempt to steal your personal data. You can use instructions on this page to get rid of redirects.

Why Did Redirects Start Happening on My PC? redirects are caused by software installed on your computer. It might be one of the apps or browser extensions (add-ons); for example, Tab Manager ( is a known cause. Problems like redirects generally start after the user installs freeware (and gets a few so called “potentially unwanted programs” installed alongside) or visits an untrustworthy website while using an outdated browser. Sometimes a perfectly innocent program or extension starts causing problems several months after getting installed. That might happen, for instance, if a program’s developer sold the rights, the new owner made changes in the program’s code and sent the update to the users’ computers. READ MORE

How to Remove Ads by Advertiser

How to stop ads by Advertiser

What Are Ads by Advertiser?

Ads by Advertiser might pop-up in your browser when you visit shopping sites, and offer items similar to those you look at, from other online stores. The ads could take various forms, for example, a bar at the top of the page. These advertisements don’t come from the site you are on and instead are generated by an adware program installed on your computer. Apart from being an annoyance, adware can gather information about you that it uses to customize ads and can share with third party companies. This removal guide will help you to get rid of Ads by Advertiser. READ MORE

How to Remove Mokiray Ads

How to stop ads by Mokiray

What Is Mokiray?

Mokiray is supposed to be a handy app for people who likes to shop online. While some of its features may indeed be useful, Mokiray is an adware program and it displays all kinds of ads when the user surfs the Internet. What’s more, Mokiray collects information about the user: ID address, hardware and software data, sites visited, mouse clicks made, things searched for online, items added to shopping carts and so on. If you are conscious of your privacy and don’t have much patience for intrusive advertising, you’d better remove Mokiray app from your PC. READ MORE

How to Remove “Hello, New User” Pop-ups

How to stop “Hello, New User” notifications

What Is “Hello, New User” Adware?

“Hello, New User” messages might pop up on random sites when you browse the Internet and not let you do anything on the page until the message is closed. In some cases you may not be able to stay on the page and are redirected instead to advertising websites. Your browsers might become slow or unresponsive. All that would mean that your computer is infected with adware. This removal guide will tell you how to get rid of “Hello, New User” adware and stop the pop-ups.

Is “Hello, New User” a Virus?

“Hello, New User” messages are caused by a potentially unwanted program; some people might call it a virus, though it is not a very accurate definition. Potentially unwanted programs, or PUPs, are different from regular viruses, and many antivirus programs either can’t detect them at all or are set by default to ignore them. PUPs are aimed at getting income for their creators; usually they display advertisements in web-browsers or generate pop-ups and notifications prompting users to install some software, or redirect users to specific sites to boost traffic of those. Similar to other PUPs, “Hello, New User” adware can get installed on a computer together with freeware downloaded from sites like, and others. READ MORE

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